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Building a Bulletproof Ground Game with Chris Sacia

Building a Bulletproof Ground Game with Chris Sacia

Ground game is about my favorite part of the campaign precisely because it’s so important. Chris Sacia understands the critical nature of this facet of campaigns and knows how to run it like a well-oiled machine. Today he shares a wealth of hard one tips you can leverage today!

This week we’re talking about one of my favorite topics: Ground game. Canvassing. Block walking. Whatever you call it, voter contact of the door to door variety is the most effective means of campaign conversion and critical to efforts of every size.

Our guest this week is someone I’ve worked with quite a bit the last two years and I’ve grown a great amount of respect for the way he approaches campaigns, specifically the ground game side.

Chris Sacia is a veteran of the US Navy and a conservative political operative from Texas. He has served in various capacities on multiple campaigns. When he’s not working, Chris can usually be found listening to an audiobook, window shopping for truck parts or reading a random article on Wikipedia.

I got to learn a lot about Chris during this interview and y’all are going to love some of the tips he provides for building a bulletproof campaign.

Communicating Clearly in a Noisy World with Amy Hawkins

Communicating Clearly in a Noisy World with Amy Hawkins

Without effective communication, you’re going to lose your race. Amy Hawkins joins us today to talk about her strategies for crystal clear, intentional communication. She’s been in the trenches for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge to share with us!

Our guest this week is a political communications rockstar from Michigan. I’ve gotten to know Amy Hawkins over the last couple of years and have been continually impressed by her work ethic, attention to detail and the clarity she brings to communication.

Residing in Michigan, she currently serves as Manager for her business Generation Strategies, LLC a communication and marketing group.

Her recent work is encyclopedic and we’ll get into some of the specifics during the interview.

Amy’s background includes over a decade in statewide politics in program development and management, developing multi-faceted strategic plans, event coordination and networking state and national leaders.

She especially enjoys advocating for Responsible Christian Citizenship, the protection, and preservation of America, the importance of the Generations, Biblical Worldview and more effective involvement in the political arena.

Her passions include America, politics, finding ways to support the military and police, educating and equipping Christians to engage in culture, writing, travelling, and drinking good coffee

With that, let’s get to the interview!

Is Statesmanship Obsolete? – with Dr. David Bobb

Is Statesmanship obsolete

Dr. David Bobb is one of the nation’s foremost experts on statesmanship and the American founding fathers. He joins us today to examine the nature of statesmanship, it’s component virtues and whether they’re obsolete in 2019.

Today we’ve got a unique conversation to share. Once again I’ll be talking to an expert in politics and campaigns but the focus of our conversation is going to be different than most. In nearly every other episode, we talk about strategic or tactical campaign issues. And while we do discuss those in this interview, our focus, more broadly is Statesmanship.

Dr. David Bobb was a professor of mine at Hillsdale College and a couple months ago we caught up at a political conference. The event was a good one but midway through the weekend, I grew frustrated with some of the more esoteric panels and asked him to come out and talk for a while. We ended up spending quite a bit of time together, talking about our nation’s current state and what it is going to take in order to positively influence her future.

Starting Early and Campaigning Hard – Andrew Sorrell

Starting Early and Campaigning Hard

Andrew Sorrell won the tightest race in the Alabama State Legislature by starting early and campaigning hard. This interview with Andrew is among our most in-depth on the tactical level decisions that help win campaigns and I had a blast talking with him!

Thank you to Campaign Sidekick for supporting this podcast. Sidekick just came off an incredible election cycle with over 1.5 million doors knocked, launched their new native app in the iTunes and Android app stores and helped pull off incredible victories in races like the Georgia Governorship and Senate/Governor wins in Florida.

Visit to find out how their best-in-breed voter contact platform can revolutionize your campaign and help you win!

Our guest this week just started serving his first term in the Alabama State House after being elected last November. We conducted the interview just a week or two after his successful election since I wanted to catch him before things got too crazy with the work of actually being a legislator!

Andrew Sorrell is a 33-year-old entrepreneur, private pilot, advanced SCUBA diver, Eagle Scout and well known in his local community as an anti-tax activist. He’s been volunteering in politics at an early age but was an entrepreneur even before that.

Starting at the age of 16, Andrew and his brother Matthew started an online textbook sales company that has grown to employ over 30 people and they’ve sold more than half a million books. He also owns an upscale pawn shop and invests in rental property.

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