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Starting Early and Campaigning Hard – Andrew Sorrell

Starting Early and Campaigning Hard

Andrew Sorrell won the tightest race in the Alabama State Legislature by starting early and campaigning hard. This interview with Andrew is among our most in-depth on the tactical level decisions that help win campaigns and I had a blast talking with him!

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Our guest this week just started serving his first term in the Alabama State House after being elected last November. We conducted the interview just a week or two after his successful election since I wanted to catch him before things got too crazy with the work of actually being a legislator!

Andrew Sorrell is a 33-year-old entrepreneur, private pilot, advanced SCUBA diver, Eagle Scout and well known in his local community as an anti-tax activist. He’s been volunteering in politics at an early age but was an entrepreneur even before that.

Starting at the age of 16, Andrew and his brother Matthew started an online textbook sales company that has grown to employ over 30 people and they’ve sold more than half a million books. He also owns an upscale pawn shop and invests in rental property.

Senate Service as a Millennial – Hans Zeiger

Senate Service as a Millennial - Hans Zeiger

Hans Zeiger left Grad-School to take on a State House incumbent in his home district. His 29-vote win margin set him on a course that now puts him in the center of important debates within the Washington State Senate. Millennials are having a growing impact within state legislatures and Hans joins us today to talk about what that means to him.

I first got to know Hans while we both studied undergrad at Hillsdale College. Since graduating, Hans has done remarkable work and emerged early as aa distinguished alumnusand fantastic elected official.

Our conversation on the podcast today tracks that road and we get to break down some of the major lessons he’s learned along the way. They’re all lessons I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from! He’s got some fantastic advice and has learned a great deal during his time in office.

Be open to advice from anyone. But never act on advice blindly.

Be open to advice from anyone. But never act on advice blindly.

Candidates specifically, and campaigns more broadly, get advice from every possible corner. EVERYONE knows something you should be doing more of, less of or differently…and there are a ton of folks around you who are willing to share this free advice.

It’s very easy to get in a habit of letting this advice go in one ear and out the other. Free advice, as it’s often said, is frequently worth what you pay for it.

The problem with this approach is two-fold. First, there are likely some pearls of wisdom mixed in with the less helpful advice. Second, folks can tell when you’re blowing them off and that’s hardly a way to engender stalwart support.

Instead, here’s what you should do. Listen to their advice carefully, write it down and set aside time for your team to review the list. This doesn’t need to be an involved process but I highly recommend that it be skimmed.

2018 Midterm Election Review with Luke Macias

2018 Midterm Election Review with Luke Macias

From the Kavanaugh effect to Beto-Mania, lots of narratives came together in the 2018 midterm election last week. What mattered in the end? Luke Macias and I break down some of the early lessons that the Midterm has shown us!

This week we’re doing a post-election survey with Luke Macias of Macias Strategies. With the Midterm election a few days into the rear-view mirror, we’re trying to digest the results and begin to see what lessons we can glean.

Luke has been our guest a couple times over the last two years and has been a fan favorite. He’s one of the most prolific conservative consultants in Texas and has been a long time friend of mine. After any election, we believe in aggressively working to dissect what we did right and wrong, so we can do better next time. This year, we figured we’d make part of that back and forth into a podcast episode.

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