How to Increase Campaign Efficiency – Dan Webb

Dan Webb Podcast Interview

Learn critical strategies for increasing your campaign efficiency and closing your campaign out right with Haven Strategies’ Dan Webb.

The ultimate goal of this podcast is to inspire and inform individuals who want to make a difference. The variety of backgrounds of the folks we hear from every week really drives home the fact that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’re born with. You can make a difference. Work ethic, tenacity and love-of-service are common denominators.  Plus, we love people who focus on campaign efficiency and doing the most with what they’ve got.

Our guest this week has those traits in spades.

Dan has worked on political campaigns since 2007. After climbing his way through the ranks from a grassroots volunteer to campaign manager of multiple state and federal races, he discovered he wanted to broaden his ability to to help others find solutions to the complex challenges they face, which led to him starting Haven Strategies, a strategic consulting firm.

Why to Run and How to Win – Rep. Wes Goodman

Wes Goodman Interview Podcast

Learn what drove Rep. Wes Goodman to run for office and how he won on his first try!

Representative Wes Goodman is currently serving his first term in the Ohio House of Representatives where he represents the 87th district. He represents the county where he was born and grew up, which I think is really cool.

After graduating Ohio’s Wesleyan University with a degree in politics and government, Wes began working full-time in politics. He spent 6 years working for Congressman Jim Jordan and in 2013 he went on to serve as the managing director of the Conservative Action project.

Wes is a principled conservative and has been an incredible example of a servant leader on the campaign trail, as well as in office.

Losing Control Without Losing Your Mind

How to Cope with losing control

6 Easy Steps To Save You from Losing Control

“It’s not the fall that gets you.” Have you ever heard somebody say that? I overheard two older folks talking about their fear of falling one time and one of them said that it’s not the actual fall that hurts you, it’s what you do to try and stop it. All the twisting end up making it all worse. Losing control causes the same reaction.

Every election cycle, candidates lose control of their races (more properly, they never had it in the first place!). When they realize they’re not actually in control, their reactions often make the situation worse. Like slipping and falling in the bath tub, trying to fight it makes it worse.

What Can I Control?

Here’s the thing. You can control variables that impact your campaign ($’s raised, doors knocked, systems, public speaking ability, etc) but you’re lying to yourself if you think you can actually control your race.

What does a General Consultant do? – With Corbin Casteel

Corbin Casteel Podcast Interview

Corbin Casteel spent more than two decades as a General Consultant for candidates across the country. He shares insights on hiring, firing and working with your general consultant.

We just crossed 20,000 downloads a few days ago and I want to say thank you to everybody who’s listening and sharing our content. I have a blast doing these interviews, but it would be much less fun if nobody listened to them!

This week we’re talking to Corbin Casteel, founder and president of Four One Three Communications. For more than two decades, Corbin has served as an advisor to a wide range of officials in federal and state government. He’s built a reputation, in Texas, nationally and internationally for being a great consultant and somebody who you can trust.

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