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Never pass up an opportunity to say “Thank you!”

thank you

Here’s today’s tip: Never pass up an opportunity to say, “Thank you!”

There are no two words in the English language more powerful than “Thank you.” But I’ll tell you what, I’d be hard-pressed to find a campaign that uses them enough.

As a candidate, you’re the front-man, but the campaign will fail unless you’re surrounded by people who are dedicated to your success. Activists, donors, volunteers, friends, family and more. All are pulling for you and investing in your effort.

But there’s more to thanking somebody than just the words, right? We all know the difference between an over-the-shoulder, “Thanks man!” and when somebody pauses, looks into our eyes and gives a heartfelt “Thank you.”

You can’t win a campaign by working banker’s hours


Here’s today’s tip: You can’t win a campaign by working banker’s hours.

Taking on a campaign, depending on the scope, is basically like signing up for another part or full-time job. Just like taking a new job, there’s a lot to learn and an adjustment period where you have to re-learn the art of balancing your schedule and figure out how to juggle your competing responsibilities.

How an Underdog Candidate Becomes an Elected Official – James Spadola

Interview Podcast James Spadola

James Spadola has been travelling across the country, interviewing elected officials of both major parties who were underdog candidates. He’s learning about their stories and how they won their campaigns. Today he’s here to tell us what they’ve taught him!

This week we’re talking to James Spadola, host of the Elected Officials of America Podcast about the fantastic campaign advice he’s learned from interviewing dozens of underdog elected officials and during his own campaign for the Delaware State Senate.

Before we get to that. If you’re enjoying the podcast, I’d encourage you to check out some of the other content we’re regularly putting out. On Facebook, you can find our campaign mastermind group by searching for the Elite Campaign Mastermind and our page under My Campaign Coach. If you want to help support our efforts, you can do that with financial support via or by giving us a nice rating on iTunes!

How to Make a Campaign Video Studio on a Tight Budget

How to Make a Campaign Video Studio on a Tight Budget

Video is a more powerful and accessible tool than ever, but you need the right setup. This week we’re walking you through how to make great videos on a tight budget. It’s increasingly likely that your usage of video will correlate to your campaign success so take notes!

I’ve been working to build a better office video/audio studio ever since I started My Campaign Coach. It’s been quite the evolution and I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons about what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, I think I’ve come up with about the best way out there to set up a fantastic home or office studio on a tight budget.

In this podcast, I walk you through the evolution of my studio setup and share all the information, advice and links you need to get yours up and running!

We’ll cover everything from how to pick the best room for your video studio to the camera, microphone, lighting, backdrop, software etc. Everything you need is right here!

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