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How to Beat Incumbents with Dr. Brian Byrd

Dr. Brian Byrd Podcast Interview

It’s hard to beat incumbents. Dr. Brian Byrd got the job done in Fort Worth and is here this week to share how he did it!

Getting to help elect good men and women to office is what keeps me involved in politics and it’s my pleasure to count this week’s guest as a friend and client. Dr. Brian Byrd was elected in May of this year as City Councilman here in Fort Worth, Texas. Brian is a good man and phenomenal candidate and ran as close to a technically perfect campaign as I may have ever seen. In the end, he was the only candidate running in the Fort Worth May election to beat an incumbent.

What Decides Who Sees My Facebook Posts? Avoid Errors and Understand the Algorithm

What Decides Who Sees My Facebook Posts? Avoid Errors and Understand the Algorithm

Liberal Activists Tried to Troll a GOP Senate Candidate…But They Actually Gave Him a Huge Facebook Boost!

Everybody wants to know more about how to get their website to show up higher on Google and more eye-balls on their Facebook posts. Most of us don’t have the time or attention span to become experts. This week, I spotted a really helpful post that pulls back the curtain on the Facebook algorithm that prioritizes the content you create (and why you see what shows up on your feed). Plus, the story was catalyzed by liberal protestors using a counterproductive strategy!

Lessons Learned from a Tight Race with Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson Podcast Interview Header

Never Finish a Campaign Without Assessing Lessons Learned

Cataloging Lessons Learned is a Crucial Step in Any Campaign’s After Action Report. Ian’s Narrow Loss Taught Him a Lot to Prepare him for Next Time!

Our guest this week is a fellow Hillsdale College graduate.

Ian M. Swanson is the host of “The American Way” and co-host of “Omaha’s Morning Answer” radio shows on 1420 AM “The Answer” in Omaha, NE.

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