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Using Business Strategies to Super-Charge your Campaign with Scott Beebe

Scott Beebe - My Campaign Coach Podcast Interview

How can winning business strategies help you win a political campaign?

I haven’t talked about it much on the podcast but entrepreneurship and small business ownership has always been about as much a part of my life as politics. As my involvement in each area has grown, I’ve been consistently impressed by the similar struggles that occur in each area. Fundamentally, success in either sphere requires a worthwhile product, effective marketing, adequate capital, a strong team and systems that run the trains on time.

Winning Political Tips

Barksdale's Winning Political Tips

Barksdale’s “Winning Political Tips” shares timeless campaign insights you need to read!

Like most professions, most of winning comes from understanding simple truths and systematically executing on them. Consultants and operatives often lose sight of this and try to replace it with secret sauce concocted by a man behind the curtain. I’ll be honest, I fall for that lie myself on occasion.

Ground Game Wins Elections with Dan Tripp

Dan Tripp Podcast Interview

Ground Game Wins Elections and Dan Tripp Knows Ground Game

Our guest this week has organized or managed campaigns and ground game projects in 42 states, served on dozens of national, state and local campaigns and worked on 4 Presidential campaigns, plus a presidential super PAC.

Dan Tripp is President of Ground Game Strategies, Inc., a company that designs custom voter contact programs for data-driven political campaigns and issue advocacy projects.

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