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How to Get Started as a First Time Candidate with Matt Robbins

Matt Robbins - How to Get Started as a First Time Candidate

How to Get Started as a First Time Candidate

This week’s guest is a former boss of mine and somebody who helped shape me in significant ways as a candidate and campaign trainer. 

Matt Robbins is a Republican political consultant with clients from coast to coast and abroad. He has helped train over 50 thousand activists and candidates in 46 states and abroad.

What I Learned from Running and Winning Local Office with Laura Fillault

Laura Fillault Interview - What I learned by Running and Winning Local Office

Don’t let running for local office scare you! Here are some success secrets from a Winner:

Our guest this week is Laura Fillault of The Woodlands, TX. Near Houston, she is one of the Township Directors of The Woodlands, A City Councilman by another name.

I met Laura several years ago at one of the Gatherings here in Fort Worth and have enjoyed tracking her political involvement ever since. She’s someone who was comfortable as an activist and mom but felt called to step up and run for office herself two years ago.

Lessons Learned from Councilman-Elect Brian Byrd!

Congrats to Dr. Brian Byrd

Dr. Brian Byrd is a My Campaign Coach Alumni and will be Fort Worth’s Newest Councilman!

A lot of people run for public off every year but there are only so many seats at the table. I get to work with some great folks who want to server their communities but Dr. Brian Byrd has impressed me far more than most.

From Coaching with Brian last year to providing significant voter contact resources and software, I got to spend a lot of time with Dr. Byrd and see from up close the passion and dedication he has brought to the table.

Yesterday I shot a short Facebook Live video saying congrats and talking about how Dr. Byrd won the race:

What Do Voters Want? It’s Really a Simple Question!

What do Voters Want?

How can “What do Voters Want?” be a simple question?!

Too many people try to complicate the question of what voters want in a candidate and elected official. Overlaying niche micro-targeting and voter analytics with complex policy matrices may help you figure out which voters are most likely to agree with you, but at its core, voters want very simple things.

The truth is often more straightforward than the context or even the question would let on. Similar to the 3 rules to win elections (stand for principle, don’t lie, and be nice to people) outlined in a previous podcast, constituents gravitate to candidates based on 3 simple principles: Trust, Empathy, and Respect.

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