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How to Run For Office Podcast Introduction

Raz Shafer - How to Run For Office Podcast Introduction

How to Run For Office Podcast Introduction

​Welcome to the How to Run For Office Podcast's Introduction Episode!

I’ve been involved in politics for 20 years and have had the opportunity to train thousands of activists and hundreds of candidates in how to increase their political impact, as well as wearing about every other political hat you can imagine. From knocking on doors to working in the United States Senate to doing policy research and running national PAC and SuperPAC efforts. I’ve learned a lot from so many great teachers and that’s knowledge I want to share with you.

Farm Team Conservatism

​Originally Posted at - by Erick Erickson

This has been a bad year for conservatives at the ballot box. Washington Republicans and their allies, enabled by chaos in the Presidential race, began targeting down-ballot conservatives for defeat. They were highly successful and even took out an incumbent Republican from Kansas, Tim Huelskamp, who had opposed John Boehner.

9 Ways Volunteers Can Help You Win

9 Ways to Help Conservatives Today

Volunteers are the life-blood of any campaign. Whatever the campaign level, regardless of the cash on hand, volunteer engagement is the single greatest indicator of the health of a campaign. But, that doesn't mean that recruiting, training and managing them is easy. In fact, it's one of the most difficult jobs within a campaign.

​If you want to find ways to help conservatives win, this post is for you. You can download our free infographic and we'll dig a in deep to explain why each of these 9 tips have such a huge impact!

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