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Keys to Campaigning from a 40 Year Veteran with Dr. Mark Campbell

Dr. Mark Campbell Interview header Image

Campaigning for conservatives for 40 years will teach you a lot. Dr. Mark Campbell has the knowledge and scars to prove it!

Today we’re talking to another Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign Alumni, Dr. Mark Campbell. Campaigning and political strategy are his world. 

Mark’s winning career spans more than four decades of campaigning and his client list includes Presidents, Presidential Candidates and hundreds of federal, state and local candidates across the country. He takes on tough races and has a strong record of success, even in democratic strongholds.

Training Patriots and Equipping Future Candidates with Rick Green

Rick Green Podcast Interview - Training Patriots and Equipping Future Candidates

Rick Green’s Legacy is Going to Be Training Patriots and Equipping Future Candidates for Public Service.

Today’s interview is a special one for me because I’m talking with somebody who has had an enormous impact on my career. His recommendation shortly before I graduated opened the door to my first job and his mentorship has been of incalculable value to me both before and after that point.

Rick Green an attorney, author, former elected official, father, mentor, radio host, inspirational speaker, and soon he going to be a grandfather.

The work that Rick and his family have done to promote our nation’s founding principles has been a great source of energy within the conservative movement.

4 Fallacies of Political Campaigns: What Can a Tank Driver Teach You About Winning in Politics?

4 Fallacies of Future Political Campaigns

Applying Gen. McMaster’s 4 Fallacies of Future Wars to Political Campaigns

General H. R. McMaster was recently selected to be President Trump’s National Security Advisor. Long before he achieved this station, he was well known within the military as an effective commander and strategist.

Herbert Raymond “H.R.” McMaster gained notoriety early in his career as a Tank Troop Commander during Operation Desert Storm. His Troop’s actions at the Battle of 73 Easting became legendary, as they decimated a significantly larger force without a single loss.

Episode 66 of The Jocko Podcast provides an in depth look at the Battle of 73 Easting and McMaster’s 4 Fallacies, which are the focus of this blog.

Ted Cruz’s Pollster Talks Big Data and Winning Iowa with Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson Podcast Interview Header

Chris Wilson is Ted Cruz’s Pollster and he Helps Conservatives Win Elections.

This week’s guest is Chris Wilson, the former Director of Research and Analytics for the Ted Cruz for President campaign, where he oversaw all polling, data analytics, modeling and digital strategy.

There has been a great deal written about the sophisticated data and research programs that powered the Cruz campaign, from Bloomberg to Fox Business and the Washington Post. Chris was at the helm of those efforts.

Chris is founder and CEO of WPA Intel, a research firm specializing in impacting behavior by integrating innovative predictive analytics with advanced statistical communications modeling.

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