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Nothing Works, Everything Sucks!

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No Campaign Goes According to Plan

Prussian Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke said, “No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.” Paraphrased, ‘No plan survives first contact with the enemy.’

No matter how well we plan campaigns, and we should plan them carefully, we’re not acting in a vacuum. Every action we take drives response from our opponents, which in turn requires our response.

Conservative Activist to Rockstar Campaign Manager with Cathy Scott

Cathy Scott Rockstar Campaign Manager

Cathy Scott’s Transition from Conservative Activist to Rockstar Campaign Manager was Rapid but Not Without Hard Work…

This week our guest is Cathy Scott. She describes herself on Twitter as a Conservative Aggie fighting for a Stronger Texas and a Joyful follower of Christ.

Frequent listeners should remember hearing Cathy mentioned in the interviews with Senator Konni Burton and Luke Macias. She worked for both of them as the Campaign Manager for Konni’s 2014 State Senate Campaign and did an absolutely incredible job through a tough year and a half on the campaign trail.

While Cathy had extensive volunteer experience on campaigns, she only held one other political job before her post as manager for Konni’s race. What she may have lacked in experience though, she made up for through her tenacity, curiosity and work ethic.

Losing an Election: Now What?

I lost My election now what - grapic

Moving on from losing an election is hard. But you’re not alone.

When my dad was inducted into Medical School, the Dean addressed his class, ‘Each and every one of you has been in the top 10% of every class, working group and school you’ve ever been a part of. As of this moment, 90% of you no longer are.’

It’s a simple mathematic truth but it was shocking to them! These were high-performing individuals who had rarely known failure and whom each believed they had what it took to be a good doctor.

Cruz’s Grassroots Point Man with Jon McClellan

Jon McClellan Interview

Ted Cruz knew his race needed to be a Grassroots victory, and Jon McClellan helped lead that effort!

This week we’re continuing our time in Cruz World. I wouldn’t blame you for wondering if we’re turning into the Cruz Campaign podcast but that’s not quite what we’re doing. The fact is that I’ve spent years in the trenches with these guys and have seen up close and personally how good they are at what they do and they’ve been kind enough to share some of their experiences with us.

Jon McClellan is a proud Baylor Bear and alumni of a long list of successful races here in Texas. He’s worked in the Texas Capitol, for Governor Perry and 7 years ago he was brought on as the number 4 hire to the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign.

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