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Cruz’s Grassroots Point Man with Jon McClellan

Jon McClellan Interview

Ted Cruz knew his race needed to be a Grassroots victory, and Jon McClellan helped lead that effort!

This week we’re continuing our time in Cruz World. I wouldn’t blame you for wondering if we’re turning into the Cruz Campaign podcast but that’s not quite what we’re doing. The fact is that I’ve spent years in the trenches with these guys and have seen up close and personally how good they are at what they do and they’ve been kind enough to share some of their experiences with us.

Jon McClellan is a proud Baylor Bear and alumni of a long list of successful races here in Texas. He’s worked in the Texas Capitol, for Governor Perry and 7 years ago he was brought on as the number 4 hire to the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign.

VIDEO: 9 Ways Your Voice & Action Can Help Candidates Win

Raz Shafer Volunteer Presentation at the Far North Dallas TEA Party

Raz Shafer - 9 Ways Your Voice and Action Can Win at the Ballot Box from Far North Dallas Tea Party on Vimeo.

​Cultivating Effective Activism

This last week I got to spend an evening with the Far North Dallas TEA Party talking about how Volunteers can effectively help campaigns win. We focused on 9 primary actions that help candidates win! Those tactics were reinforced by proven strategies for increasing your value to your campaign of choice. 

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Defying the Odds and Electing Senator Cruz with John Drogin

John Drogin Interview

Electing Senator Cruz Wasn’t Supposed to Be Possible. John Drogin’s Role as Cruz’s Campaign Manager Was to Defy the Odds!

This week’s guest is John Drogin. Drogin has been a long-time friend of mine and somebody I’ve worked in the conservative political trenches with for many years. He was also my boss, serving as Senator Cruz’s State Director when I was on the Senator’s staff. He’s currently operating his own consulting shop focusing on digital marketing and political strategy for political and corporate clients.

Drogin’s political resume is a long one and we’ll get him to share plenty of that history during the interview but what most people know him as is the Campaign Manager for Senator Ted Cruz’s long-shot Senate candidacy in 2012.

Opposition Research & Running for President with John Lappe

John Lappe Interview

Learn about Opposition Research and Campaign Vulnerability Studies from the expert who ran Ted Cruz’s internal vetting!

Today we’re talking about campaign intelligence and opposition research with the man responsible for quarterbacking the internal vetting and research of all staff, coalition members, endorsers, volunteer leaders and more on Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign.

John Lappe is a Chicago native, naturalized Texan and graduate of the University of Dallas. He serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Intellz Opposition Research and Strategy. In that capacity, John leverages years of experience with campaigns of every level to craft winning narratives for candidates and the opposition research solutions necessary to ensure their success.

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