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Facebook Is Still King – 2016 Social Media Stats

Facebook Is King

​Facebook is still King. It's where the Voters are!

One of the most common questions I get from candidates when I'm training them is, "What social media platforms should I be on?" It's easy to get caught up in the plethora of options and assume that you need to be everywhere. In a best case world, it'd be great to run rockstar programs on every site out there but that isn't reality.


The truth is that you need to limit the number of social media platforms that your'e active on. How many, you ask? The answer is, "As many as you can do well." Keeping your engagement up and the quality of your interactions high is critical. A presence on a few platforms, managed well, is much better than a hodge-podge with a poorly executed strategy. The next decision is which platforms to start with.

Handling the Media & Honing Your Message with Brian Sikma

Brian Sikma: Handling the Media and Honing Your Message

Show Notes:

[00:35] – What it takes to get started working in politics

[01:45] – Brian’s background in politics

[04:45] – The value of character and work-ethic in politics

[07:30] – How to land your first job in politics

Succeeding in Public Office & Ethics 101 with Tony McDonald

Succeeding in Public Office & Ethics 101

Show Notes:

[00:30] – Tony McDonald Introduction

[01:37] – Tony’s background in politics

[02:55] – Young Conservatives of Texas

[06:05] – Building a strong team, as a newly elected official

Fundraising Tips & Keys to Campaign Strategy with Drew Ryun

Drew Ryun: Fundraising Tips & Keys to Campaign Strategy

What You’ll Learn from Drew Ryun in this Episode:

[00:27] – Drew Ryun Introduction

[01:52] – How did your family get involved in politics?

[04:00] – Give us an overview of your political career

[06:25] – What do candidates need to have squared away before they decide to run?

[09:57] – How to kick-start your campaign fundraising


[13:22] – How major donor fundraising works

[15:04] – Key indicators major donors look for when analyzing campaigns

[16:24] – How to prepare your pitch for major donors

[19:33] – What PAC’s look for when considering endorsements

[22:19] – Advice for newly elected officials – Keeping promises, hiring staff and leaving a legacy

[27:05] – Favorite funny political experience

[29:03] – Proudest political achievements



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