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Don’t call a voter before 9am or after 9pm.

Don't call a voter before 9am or after 9pm.

Here’s today’s tip: Don’t call a voter before 9am or after 9pm.

Throughout the campaign, you’ll be working non-stop to identify, persuade and turn out voters. Every minute counts but some minutes are off limits for certain types of contact. I recommend keeping you set 9am and 9pm as the outer bounds of your phone banking. The last thing you want to do is wake them up or interrupt someone at the beginning or end of their day. That’s when people are most perturbed by an unwanted call.

For canvassing, 9:30am is about as early as I ever recommend starting and you shouldn’t go later than 30 minutes before dark. If the street lights are coming on or there are dark shadows on the porch where you’re standing, it’s time to stop. Knocking later is likely to have people more concerned about threats, so you are more likely to spook them.

Work within these time parameters to touch as many voters as possible. It’s going to be your key to victory!

The Holy Trinity of Political Campaigns – Steve Beren

The Holy Trinity of Political Campaigns

Steve Beren’s odyssey has led him from New York to Oregon and from left wing radicalism to the conservative right. As a political consultant, he’s done an incredible amount of work in a short time and his time in the trenches of the left is now paying off for the right.

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I hope y’all are doing well and had a great Easter and Passover. I got to spend some time down with my family at the ranch polishing my shooting skills, catching some fish and eating plenty of my mom’s fine cooking. Plus my little man Stoney just hit six months old and we had plenty of grandparents and great-grandparents at the ranch to spoil him. It was great!

It’s good to be back with y’all and a new interview though! This week we’re talking to Steve Beren, owner of One Spark Marketing of Washington State. He’s been working in the political consulting field for a number of years, has run for office himself and is a long time activist in the Washington State GOP. The really interesting part though is that through the first several decades of his life, Steve was a radical leftist activist. He was a union activist, leftist infiltrator, socialist and antiwar radical. That’s hardly the avatar of someone you’d figure would become a conservative, let alone a successful Republican consultant later in his life.

Steve’s conversion story and his advice on what he calls “the Holy Trinity of Political Campaigns” is fantastic and I think y’all will enjoy our conversation.

His chest is a cage in which two squirrels are at war – his conscience and his career. – Winston Churchill

His chest is a cage in which two squirrels are at war - his conscience and his career. - Winston Churchill

Here’s today’s tip: His chest is a cage in which two squirrels are at war – his conscience and his career.

This quote comes from Winston Churchill, one of the 20th Century’s greatest statesmen and a personal hero of mine. He made an art of turning phrases and this is among my favorites.

In describing one of his contemporaries, Churchill made a caricature of him. A combination of absurdity, violence and discomfort that comes to mind. It’s an apt representation of what happens to a person when they allow these facets of themselves to lose harmony.

Examine yourself regularly to see whether your conscience and career motives are working together or if you’re nearing squirrel fight territory. You should subordinate your political and career motivations to your conscience. Do what you know is right, even when you may not see how it can help your career.

Never allow yourself to embody this caricature. Only you can ensure that you don’t.

25 Winning Campaign Tips – Raz Shafer

25 Winning Campaign Tips

These 25 campaign tips are keys to winning your election. Don’t miss any of them!

I’m sorry for the week off last week. I’ve been travelling a lot for my work and I’ve fallen a bit behind on interviews. So I’m catching up but wanted to give y’all a taste of something new while I do!

We’re back this week with a unique episode that features 25 Campaign Tips and why they matter to your campaign. It’s a compilation from the My Campaign Coach Minute Podcast and I hope y’all will subscribe to get daily campaign tips.

Each episode features me unpacking and expounding for a couple minutes on important tips that every campaign staffer and candidate needs to know. Today I’ve mashed up the first 25 episodes from the new podcast so y’all can listen to them straight through.

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