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We Coach Winning Campaigns

Winning is tough and so are we. Campaign Coaching helps you take the guesswork out of winning​, from City Hall to Congress!

Conservatives Are Losing...

Too often, we see conservatives defeated at the ballot box due to a lack of campaign coaching or candidate training. They don’t know how to be a good candidate or run a strong campaign. Most have no idea what the campaign will be like or how to thrive as a candidate. We have no bench of prepared candidates and no plan to train them.

We exist to solve this problem.

​My Campaign Coach cultivates determined, prepared, comprehensively conservative candidates - men and women who are capable of winning their elections and dedicated to serving with integrity. Our campaign coaching prepares you to win!

What can Campaign Coaching do for me?

Over the 3-month term of the Advanced Candidate Coaching program, you will be exposed to approximately 40 hours of instruction. The 14 campaign coaching sessions will drill participants in not only the essentials to building successful campaign systems, infrastructure, and tactics, but will also emphasize the personal values and accountability essential for a steadfast citizen-leader. Ongoing involvement through our alumni programs, provides ongoing accountability as you transition from candidate to elected official.

Vision, Mission and Values

Important exploration and articulation of the campaign's mission, vision and core values.

Roadmap to Victory

Clear, top-down and bottom-up guidance through the 4 key stages of a winning campaign.

Essential Systems

Design and build frameworks and processes integral to sustainable success in your campaign.

Accountability & Implementation

Ongoing accountability, geared to achieving and executing personal and campaign goals.

What will I learn?

The focus of Advanced Candidate Coaching is to prepare future candidates to run an effective, efficient and successful campaign. We accomplish this through coaching candidates in a small group of no more than 15 students and given ample opportunity for individual attention.  You will engage in 12 hours of live-online class and 2 hours of individual coaching. Offline, you will carry out approximately 25 hours of independent, directed study. Every step has been carefully chosen to give you the highest possible level of preparation for your candidacy!

Course Breakdown by Subject Goals

  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Air War
  • Ground OPs
  • Strategy
  • Articulate clear Vision, Mission and Values for the campaign and broader political impact.
  • Complete, review and understand the DISC personality assessment and its implications regarding the campaign, staff compatibility and apportionment of team responsibilities.
  • Learn to assess viability of candidacy, establish vote total and fundraising goals and determine appropriateness of the office sought.
  • Develop process for defining the campaign’s messaging strategy, from basic message matrix and early assessment of opposition to detailed candidate questionnaires and issue positioning.

Advanced Candidate Coaching Objectives

  • Develop a clear and concise Vision, Mission and Values to anchor your candidacy and political impact.
  • Explore and understand the process of deciding to run for office while utilizing the 3 Why’s (Why am I running? Why me? Why now?) to to help establish core messaging.
  • Establish a firm grasp of the critical components within modern campaigns, using the My Campaign Coach FLAGS structure.
  • Learn to assess a political situation, develop a strategy with specific goals and execute.
  • Identify common political problems and triage them while upholding professional standards and your personal mission and values.
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