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Keys to Fundraising like a Pro – Jeff Trimbath

Keys to Fundraising like a Pro - jEFF tRIMBATH

Money is the Mother’s Milk of Politics. Like it or not, if you want to win, you’ve got to raise at least some money. I’ve yet to meet a candidate who didn’t want to have more money in the bank…but most aren’t comfortable raising big bucks. This week we’re talking to a fundraising veteran who has raised tens of millions of dollars during his career. Check this interview out and learn the Keys to Fundraising like a professional.

I hope y’all had a great Labor Day weekend! This holiday is traditionally seen as the start of the final lap of the campaign. You’re basically two months out from election day and you’re nearing the final stretch.

Most of you still need funding to finish out the great plans you’ve made for the final push. You’ve got your budget and you know how much you’ve raised, but there’s a gap. Our guest this week is going to give you some advice on how to fix that problem.

Jeff Trimbath is the Director for the Center of Vision and Values at Grove City College. In that capacity, Jeff leads the Center’s fundraising, administrative and communications strategies. Prior to this job, he was Senior Advisor to the President for Donor Relations at the Heritage Foundation, the conservative movement’s flagship public policy organization, based in Washington, DC. He worked at Heritage for many years and has built a reputation as both an incredible fundraiser and strong mentor.

The Holy Trinity of Political Campaigns – Steve Beren

The Holy Trinity of Political Campaigns

Steve Beren’s odyssey has led him from New York to Oregon and from left wing radicalism to the conservative right. As a political consultant, he’s done an incredible amount of work in a short time and his time in the trenches of the left is now paying off for the right.

Thank you to Campaign Sidekick for supporting this podcast. Visit to find out how their best-in-breed voter contact platform can revolutionize your campaign and help you win!

I hope y’all are doing well and had a great Easter and Passover. I got to spend some time down with my family at the ranch polishing my shooting skills, catching some fish and eating plenty of my mom’s fine cooking. Plus my little man Stoney just hit six months old and we had plenty of grandparents and great-grandparents at the ranch to spoil him. It was great!

It’s good to be back with y’all and a new interview though! This week we’re talking to Steve Beren, owner of One Spark Marketing of Washington State. He’s been working in the political consulting field for a number of years, has run for office himself and is a long time activist in the Washington State GOP. The really interesting part though is that through the first several decades of his life, Steve was a radical leftist activist. He was a union activist, leftist infiltrator, socialist and antiwar radical. That’s hardly the avatar of someone you’d figure would become a conservative, let alone a successful Republican consultant later in his life.

Steve’s conversion story and his advice on what he calls “the Holy Trinity of Political Campaigns” is fantastic and I think y’all will enjoy our conversation.

Fundraising Secrets & Ground Game Strategies – Drew Ryun

Podcast Interview with Drew Ryun

With over 20 years of political experience, Drew Ryun has raised millions of dollars and run countless ground operations. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to campaign fundraising and ground game!

Drew Ryun is a political operative, entrepreneur, fundraiser, author and running camp director. A former deputy director at the Republican National Committee, he is a founder and now managing partner of Campaign Sidekick.

Vetting Candidates, Campaign Logistics & Voter Contact – Raz Shafer

Raz Shafer - Vetting Candidates, Campaign Logistics & Voter Contact

Vetting candidates, properly built campaign logistics and strong voter contact are essentials in any political operation. Make sure you’re doing them right!

We’re back again this week with our new podcast format, diving deep into some subjects that folks have asked for us to cover on Facebook. Today we’re talking about Vetting Candidates, building your campaign calendar, the campaign logistics framework for a strong campaign and different ways to contact voters.

Candidate Vetting

With Roy Moore’s defeat in the Alabama Senate this week, lots of people are wondering how the secrets of his past weren’t discovered earlier. His case is an aberration since it’s hard to keep those kinds of things hidden for so long, but there are some common sense steps that people can take to make sure that candidates they support won’t surprise them.

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