Fundraising Tips & Keys to Campaign Strategy with Drew Ryun - My Campaign Coach
Drew Ryun: Fundraising Tips & Keys to Campaign Strategy

What You'll Learn from Drew Ryun in this Episode:

00:27 – Drew Ryun Introduction

01:52 – How did your family get involved in politics?

04:00 - Give us an overview of your political career

06:25 - What do candidates need to have squared away before they decide to run?

09:57 - How to kick-start your campaign fundraising


13:22 - How major donor fundraising works

15:04 - Key indicators major donors look for when analyzing campaigns

16:24 - How to prepare your pitch for major donors

19:33 - What PAC's look for when considering endorsements

22:19 - Advice for newly elected officials - Keeping promises, hiring staff and leaving a legacy

27:05 - Favorite funny political experience

29:03 - Proudest political achievements


Raz Shafer

Christian, Student, Entrepreneur, Politico. Sigma Chi, Singer/Song-writer, Cigar/Fly-fishing/Gun Aficionado

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