Never pass up an opportunity to say “Thank you!”

Never pass up an opportunity to say “Thank you!”

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Here’s today’s tip: Never pass up an opportunity to say, “Thank you!”

There are no two words in the English language more powerful than “Thank you.” But I’ll tell you what, I’d be hard-pressed to find a campaign that uses them enough.

As a candidate, you’re the front-man, but the campaign will fail unless you’re surrounded by people who are dedicated to your success. Activists, donors, volunteers, friends, family and more. All are pulling for you and investing in your effort.

But there’s more to thanking somebody than just the words, right? We all know the difference between an over-the-shoulder, “Thanks man!” and when somebody pauses, looks into our eyes and gives a heartfelt “Thank you.”

I want you to build a culture of gratitude within your organization and it starts with you.

Make time every week to write thank-you cards. Get to know your people and find out how they best receive thanks. For some it’s gifts, others public recognition. I know that for me, there’s nothing better than for someone to pull me aside privately, look into my eyes, express how I’ve helped them and say, “thank you.”

As a candidate, you’re in the motivation business and there’s no better way to keep people motivated than to make them feel your appreciation for their dedication.

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Raz Shafer

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