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How to Supercharge Your Voter Contact: Part 1 – Drew Ryun and Kris Shafer

How to Supercharge Your Voter Contact: Part 1

This week we’re airing the first of a two-part interview with Drew Ryun and Kris Shafer. They’re partners in Campaign Sidekick and have nearly 4 decades of political experience between them. Drew hired me to my first full-time political job and Kris is my younger brother. I’ve worked in the trenches with these guys for years and they’ve each got some fantastic advice to share.

In this, and the second half of our interview next week, you’re going to hear some exciting news about the evolution of Campaign Sidekick, learn proven strategies and tactics for voter contact you can deploy in the last few weeks of this election and find out how these guys got involved in politics. Their stories are unique but very similar in theme to many of the folks we’ve talked to on the podcast: they involve a lot of hard work.

This was a really fun interview for me to do with the guys and I think y’all will really enjoy it!

Never overreact. Take a breath, make a plan and stick to it.

Never overreact. Take a breath, make a plan and stick to it.

Here’s today’s tip: Never overreact. Take a breath, make a plan and stick to it.

Whether in politics specifically or life generally, overreaction can turn a benign situation into a catastrophe. As a candidate or campaign manager, your patience and attention are frequently pushed to the limit. Consequently, when that limit is passed, tempers often flare and less than judicious decisions are made.

Train yourself to feel the precursors of anger or frustration. Establish a trigger. For me, it’s often a taste in my mouth and a tightening of my chest. Perhaps accompanied by a, “are you effing serious?!” in the back of my head.

When I feel that reaction boiling up, I know that my lesser angels are jettisoning my plan and overreacting out of anger.

Our Donors Merely Have Money – John Von Kannon

Our Donors Merely Have Money

Here’s today’s tip: “Our Donors Merely Have Money”

In a recent interview on the How to Run for Office Podcast, I talked to Jeff Trimbath about this idea in depth and highly recommend y’all check it out. The short of it is that Donors have money, but candidates and campaigns, if they’re doing their job right, have solutions. Unless the two find an effective match, nothing will be accomplished.

If you truly believe that the goal you’re pursuing is transformational, you should be tenacious in the pursuit of funding. If you’re not active in articulating the reason and need for funding, what should compel me to believe that your goal is so significant?

From Activist to Campaign Manager – Raquel Mitchell

From Activist to Campaign Manager - Raquel Mitchell

Raquel Mitchell is a Black, female, Republican campaign manager in Chicago, Illinois. She’s the first to admit that her political journey has been far from normal but nonetheless, I think there’s a lot to learn from her path.

Hey Guys, welcome back to the How to Run for Office Podcast! A lot of listeners I’ve talked to are interested in making the move from Activist to working in politics as a paid job. This week’s guest is familiar with that struggle…even though she didn’t start out with that goal in mind.

Whatever your political persuasion, I think there are some good things to learn from listening to how Raquel has approached her political journey.

During the interview, we encourage folks who want to get involved in politics to start knocking doors or cleaning bathrooms…whatever the campaign needs…and working up from there. I think it’s easy to write this off as simple “Dues paying.” But it’s more than that. While I think we covered the subject pretty well, I wanted to direct y’all to a My Campaign Coach Minute episode we recently did that deals with the topic as well.

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