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Never miss a chance to reminder voters how important their vote is to you.

Never miss a chance to remind voters how important their vote is to you!

I’m all about establishing vote goals and tracking metrics in campaigns. Failing to set the right activity goals, whether it’s fundraising, block walking or votes, will lose you the election. There’s a problem in becoming too goal focused though.

Often, candidates find themselves so focused on the quantitative goals that they forget that a person, an actual human is casting the vote. We can poll and aggregate data to understand it better, but at the end of election day, the results will be determined by a bunch of individual humans making a singular decision.

Why is this important, if you have the right goals and executive your activity well? The fact is that keeping people’s humanity in mind will both humble you and help you focus on the individual. When you’re talking to a voter or a donor, they should be your world. Making them so is both genuinely respecting of who they are AND makes it more likely that they’ll vote for you.

Politics is supposed to be about people, not power. Act Accordingly!

Politics is supposed to be about people, not power. Act Accordingly!

Are you involved in politics because of who you want to BE or what you want to DO?

People who are in politics to BE somebody are focused on power. If doing something, or service are your focus, you’re starting from the right place.

There’s something tricky about this question though. Human nature is such that we don’t stay at the same point across that spectrum over time. Even worse, we sometimes trick ourselves into believing that clinging on to or growing our power will be to the long-term betterment of the people we serve.

By the time an de observer could diagnose the narcissism that has led someone down the power-focused path, they’ve deadened the natural sensitivity of their conscience through repeated abuse. That means that protection against this slide towards selfishness requires aggressive self-review and a close group of confidants.

Communication for Maximum Impact – Jacque Isaacs

Communication for Maximum Impact - Jacque Isaacs

Jacque Isaacs has focused her professional life on maximizing the power of conservative communication. This week she joins us on the podcast to share how you can maximize your impact!

Jacqueline Isaacs is the Director of Strategy for Bellwether Communications, where she works to craft measurable, well-researched content strategies for clients to achieve their goals. She also serves as the firm’s managing partner in Nashville, TN.

She holds an MBA in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University and a BS in Government from Oral Roberts University.  She has wide-ranging experience in media relations for national brands and content marketing for thought leaders.

She is the co-author of the 2017 book, Called to Freedom: Why You Can Be Christian and Libertarian, which will be available as an audiobook soon. She has written regular columns for several academic blogs, and her op-eds have been published in Fox News OnlineInvestor’s Business Daily, Townhall, the Austin-American Statesman, among other places.

Never just ask for the amount you think a donor can give. Always ask for more.

Never just ask for the amount you think a donor can give. Always ask for more.

Figuring out how much money to ask a potential donor for is a difficult proposition. Even with lots of information about their past giving, current financial position and interest in your race, you’re still making a guess.

If you do a good job of pairing why you’re running and what you will fight to accomplish with the solutions they want to see enacted, there is a good chance that they’ll be generous towards your campaign.

So how much do we ask for? Your research and needs will give you an idea, but I recommend asking at the high end of the range you’ve established. The reason is simple: The likelihood that they’ll give more than you ask for is Zero.

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