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How to Supercharge Your Voter Contact: Part 2 – Drew Ryun and Kris Shafer

How to Supercharge Your Voter Contact: Part 2

This week we’re airing the second half of a two-part interview with Drew Ryun and Kris Shafer. They’re partners in Campaign Sidekick and have nearly 4 decades of political experience between them. Drew hired me to my first full-time political job and Kris is my younger brother. I’ve worked in the trenches with these guys for years and they’ve each got some fantastic advice to share.

In this, as the first half of our interview last week, you’re going to hear some exciting news about the evolution of Campaign Sidekick, learn proven strategies and tactics for voter contact you can deploy in the last few weeks of this election and find out how these guys got involved in politics. Their stories are unique but very similar in theme to many of the folks we’ve talked to on the podcast: they involve a lot of hard work.

This was a really fun interview for me to do with the guys and I think y’all will really enjoy it!

What You’ll Learn about Campaign Sidekick In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[01:53] What Canvassing Management tips do you wish you’d known when you got started?

[11:55] How can campaigns keep their voter contact data clean?

[20:11] Where should campaigns get their voter data and does consumer data matter for targeting?

[27:12] How can campaigns avoid fear of failure and what does that mean?

[30:43] What matters MOST in a canvassing interaction with a voter?

[34:49] Final tips for campaigns and how to finish strong in the final weeks of the campaign

[37:53] Conclusion and outro

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Campaign Sidekick on FacebookTwitter and Youtube. Check out their website at

Mastering Communication and Policy Like a Pro – Sean Davis

Mastering Communication and Policy Like a Pro - Sean Davis

Sean Davis is a co-founder of The Federalist. He previously worked as an economic policy adviser to Gov. Rick Perry, as CFO of Daily Caller, and as chief investigator for Sen. Tom Coburn. He was named by The Hill as one of the top congressional staffers under the age of 35 for his role in spearheading the enactment of the law that created Sean received a BBA in finance from Texas Tech University and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurial management from the Wharton School.

This week we’re re-airing an interview with Sean Davis that I did just over a year ago. It’s been the most downloaded episode on the podcast to-date, but it’s far enough back in the chronology that most of y’all probably haven’t heard it!… Even if you have heard it, I recommend giving it another listen. I just got done doing so and I found it very informative.

Understanding policy and how to communicate it is obviously important to anybody working in politics…but if you want to get to the point where your opinion on the subject matters, you’ve usually got to win an election. At this point, you’re probably asking, “Well, Raz, What should I do if I want to make sure I win my election?!” Hands down, the best thing I can recommend is to head over to and sign up for our free course to figure out whether you’re prepared to run. Even if you’re already in the race, those videos and guides will walk you through essential questions…and I guarantee that you haven’t answered all of them!

Discipline Makes the Difference – Raz Shafer

Discipline Makes the Difference - Raz Shafer

If there was one character trait I could pass down to my son, it would be discipline…but, as it turns out, I haven’t been very disciplined in a number of areas within my life…So how am I supposed to teach that ethic to him?

This week we’re talking about discipline, why it’s important and what it takes to be a disciplined man or woman. I’ll share a fair amount about my particular struggles with discipline and how I’m fighting back.

First, I want to give a shout out to J.D. Bryden and Grant Moody! Both of these guys went over to and signed up to be Patrons of this show. It didn’t take but a minute and they’ve each set up to contribute a few dollars each month to support what we’re doing. In addition, they’re going to get special access to some cool perks exclusive to Patrons like live Q/A calls and first shot at special offers.

Speaking of Special offers, I haven’t mentioned our online candidate courses recently. If you go to you can check out both of our courses. The Free one helps you analyze whether you’re ready to run for office and if you have a chance at winning. That’s about an hour of video and a few dozen questions I walk you through answering. Next is the Advanced Candidate Course. I’ve put together an enormous amount of tools, information, downloads, and videos to teach you how to win. It’s only $249 for lifetime access or $49 per month. I’m really proud of what we put together in these courses and am confident that making this small investment in your political future will pay huge dividends down the line.

Fighting Against the Swamp, from TX to DC – Ron Wright

Fighting Against the Swamp, from TX to DC

Motivations for running for office boil down to two: You want to BE somebody or DO something. Ron Wright is running for Congress because he wants to DO something. Today we’re talking about his background in elected office, especially as a fantastic Tax Collector, and why he’s running. He’s got some great advice.

Today we’re talking with Ron Wright, the Tax Assessor-Collector in my home county about his run for Congress and what he’s learned through his previous elections.

First, I want to say thank you to Campaign Sidekick for supporting this podcast. Visit to find out how their best-in-breed voter contact platform can revolutionize your campaign and help you win! Sidekick is rolling out a ton of great new features this year and y’all should check it out!

Ron Wright has been the Tax Assessor-Collector for Tarrant County for the last 7 years. Before that he worked as a Chief of Staff and District Director in Congress for several years and even further back, he was elected to the Arlington, TX city council several times.

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