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Losing Control Without Losing Your Mind

How to Cope with losing control

6 Easy Steps To Save You from Losing Control

“It’s not the fall that gets you.” Have you ever heard somebody say that? I overheard two older folks talking about their fear of falling one time and one of them said that it’s not the actual fall that hurts you, it’s what you do to try and stop it. All the twisting end up making it all worse. Losing control causes the same reaction.

Every election cycle, candidates lose control of their races (more properly, they never had it in the first place!). When they realize they’re not actually in control, their reactions often make the situation worse. Like slipping and falling in the bath tub, trying to fight it makes it worse.

What Can I Control?

Here’s the thing. You can control variables that impact your campaign ($’s raised, doors knocked, systems, public speaking ability, etc) but you’re lying to yourself if you think you can actually control your race.

What does a General Consultant do? – Corbin Casteel

Podcast Interview with Corbin Casteel

Corbin Casteel spent more than two decades as a General Consultant for candidates across the country. He shares insights on hiring, firing and working with your general consultant.

We just crossed 20,000 downloads a few days ago and I want to say thank you to everybody who’s listening and sharing our content. I have a blast doing these interviews, but it would be much less fun if nobody listened to them!

This week we’re talking to Corbin Casteel, founder and president of Four One Three Communications. For more than two decades, Corbin has served as an advisor to a wide range of officials in federal and state government. He’s built a reputation, in Texas, nationally and internationally for being a great consultant and somebody who you can trust.

Winning and Excelling in Local Office – Jason Wright

Podcast Interview with Jason Wright

Too many candidates overlook winning local office as a starting point for their electoral journey. Jason Wright is here to tell us why it’s the perfect place to start!

If y’all haven’t had a chance to see our brand-new website, go over to and check it out! We’ve enhanced it significantly in the last few weeks and made it much more user friendly.

I’m a big believer that our country needs more candidates and elected officials who are intimately  familiar with their communities and know what it’s like to create jobs. My good friend and guest this week, Jason Wright, nails both categories in a big way.

How to Build Relationships with Personal Video

How to Build Relationships with Personal Video

Bonjoro Makes Personal Video Easy

I love finding apps that make my life easier! It's even more impressive when I find one that also does things BETTER. This week, I found an app that is going to make it easier for you to thank supporters and make you better at it. Sending personal video clips to people is a great way to say thank you or solidify support. But it can easily become unwieldy or difficult to find time. This app makes that process simple!

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