Succeeding in Public Office & Ethics 101 with Tony McDonald - My Campaign Coach
Succeeding in Public Office & Ethics 101

Show Notes:

00:30 - Tony McDonald Introduction

01:37 - Tony's background in politics

02:55 - Young Conservatives of Texas

06:05 - Building a strong team, as a newly elected official


11:45 - How to make your mark as a Freshman Representative

13:08 - Fighting for the First Amendment in Texas

15:00 - Dealing with false ethics charges

17:52 - Favorite campaign FAIL

21:01 - Preparing to launch your campaign

23:45 - Favorite Campaign successes and failures

27:15 - Daring to win

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Raz Shafer

Christian, Student, Entrepreneur, Politico. Sigma Chi, Singer/Song-writer, Cigar/Fly-fishing/Gun Aficionado

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