Wes Goodman Interview Podcast

Learn what drove Rep. Wes Goodman to run for office and how he won on his first try!

Representative Wes Goodman is currently serving his first term in the Ohio House of Representatives where he represents the 87th district. He represents the county where he was born and grew up, which I think is really cool.

After graduating Ohio’s Wesleyan University with a degree in politics and government, Wes began working full-time in politics. He spent 6 years working for Congressman Jim Jordan and in 2013 he went on to serve as the managing director of the Conservative Action project.

Wes is a principled conservative and has been an incredible example of a servant leader on the campaign trail, as well as in office.

He’s a young guy, in his mid 30s and he’s got a wealth of knowledge that can really help you supercharge your campaign or the one you’re working on.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Wes Goodman on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn. Learn more about him by visiting his website, www.wesgoodman.com, or at ballotpedia.org/Wes_Goodman.

What You’ll Learn from Wes Goodman In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction and Wes Goodman Bio

[01:29] How Rep. Wes Goodman got hooked on politics

[05:11] What got you interested in working in politics full-time?

[10:00] Lessons Wes learned while working on Capitol Hill

[21:52] How did you impact politics and policy at the Conservative Action Project?

[24:38] Why did you decide to run for office?

[28:25] What went into your campaign preparation?

[32:07] What questions did you ask yourself before launching your campaign?

[34:42] How did you organize your campaign?

[45:57] Rep. Goodman’s awesome strategy for securing absentee ballot support

[48:15] How to navigate a multi-candidate race

[1:00:18] Lessons in Hindsight: Importance of an After Action Review + Conversations while Canvassing

[1:05:10] Where to find Rep. Goodman online

[1:06:38] Conclusion and Outro

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