2018 Midterm Election Review with Luke Macias

2018 Midterm Election Review with Luke Macias

2018 Midterm Election Review with Luke Macias

From the Kavanaugh effect to Beto-Mania, lots of narratives came together in the 2018 midterm election last week. What mattered in the end? Luke Macias and I break down some of the early lessons that the Midterm has shown us!

This week we’re doing a post-election survey with Luke Macias of Macias Strategies. With the Midterm election a few days into the rear-view mirror, we’re trying to digest the results and begin to see what lessons we can glean.

Luke has been our guest a couple times over the last two years and has been a fan favorite. He’s one of the most prolific conservative consultants in Texas and has been a long time friend of mine. After any election, we believe in aggressively working to dissect what we did right and wrong, so we can do better next time. This year, we figured we’d make part of that back and forth into a podcast episode.

We’re going to talk about how expectations came out against reality, what some consequences of this election will be and how Beto came so close in Texas. We’re focused on campaign lessons learned that will help us see the 2020 election more clearly so that’s where we’re coming from.

I think y’all will enjoy this candid recap of what happened, who won and how folks can do better next cycle!

Links from the Podcast:

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