25 Winning Campaign Tips

25 Winning Campaign Tips – Raz Shafer

25 Winning Campaign Tips

These 25 campaign tips are keys to winning your election. Don’t miss any of them!

I’m sorry for the week off last week. I’ve been travelling a lot for my work and I’ve fallen a bit behind on interviews. So I’m catching up but wanted to give y’all a taste of something new while I do!

We’re back this week with a unique episode that features 25 Campaign Tips and why they matter to your campaign. It’s a compilation from the My Campaign Coach Minute Podcast and I hope y’all will subscribe to get daily campaign tips.

Each episode features me unpacking and expounding for a couple minutes on important tips that every campaign staffer and candidate needs to know. Today I’ve mashed up the first 25 episodes from the new podcast so y’all can listen to them straight through.

By way of requests, I would love it if y’all could provide me with some more feedback about what we do that you find most useful. I want to make sure that we’re creating value for you each week and with the limited time at my disposal, I want to make sure it’s focused on what matters most. I have my ideas but reports from y’all is what matters most. Drop me a line on email via Raz@MyCampaignCoach.com.

What You’ll Learn about Raz Shafer’s 25 Campaign Tips In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

03:29 Rejection on the campaign trail is a fact of life. Dust yourself off and get back on the horse.

05:07 You can’t win a campaign by working banker’s hours.

06:32 Never pass up an opportunity to say “Thank you!”

07:35 A good message without proper repetition is wasted air.

09:10 Never lie or embellish your campaign bio. You WILL get caught.

10:31  Communication isn’t what I say, it’s what YOU hear.

11:57 Unless you’re Donald Trump, candidates shouldn’t wear hats.

13:41 Never use an endorsement that isn’t in writing.

14:52 Don’t run for a job you can’t excel at.

16:12 You should never be too busy to listen.

18:27 Prepare to be attacked before you are.

19:51 No candidate is an objective participant in their own campaign. 

21:06 Never say or write anything you don’t want on Buzzfeed.

22:48 “What orators lack in depth, they make up for in length.” – Charles-Louis de Secondat

24:20 How to win: Work harder and smarter than your opponent

25:37 Don’t just ask winning candidates for advice. Losing teaches lessons winners may never see.

26:53 Every facet of your campaign should be infused with a sense of urgency. No lollygagging.

28:10 There is no greater enemy to your campaign than your own ego.

29:46 Handwritten notes are one of the most powerful tools you have. And they’re cheap!

31:20 If you can’t tell someone why you’re running in 30 seconds or less, don’t run.

32:35 Never break the law. You’re not Frank Underwood and you WILL get caught.

33:42 All campaign documents and material should be secure and accessible. Use the cloud.

34:40 Free interns are awesome! Get all you can, train them well and keep them busy.

35:49 Projecting enthusiasm is critical. I don’t care how tired, stressed or far down you are in the polls. Smile!

[36:51] Rejection on the campaign trail is a fact of life. Dust yourself off and get back on the horse.

[37:47] Conclusion and Outro

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