3 Tips for Winning at Life and in Politics

3 Tips for Winning at Life and in Politics – Raz Shafer

3 Tips for Winning at Life and in Politics

Strong non-political relationships, living on a written personal budget and loving God, Family and Country first may not seem like obvious fodder for a political campaign podcast…but if you don’t follow the lessons we talk about today, you’re not going to win at politics…or life.

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So many of the ‘political’ problems I see candidates and elected officials fall prey to have a genesis in their personal lives. They should have seen them coming a mile away but somehow lost the obvious in a personal blindspot. Today we’re talking about three subjects that I think are vitally important to keeping your house in order and making sure you maximize your political impact while keeping you and your family strong.

Your Brains Trust: I’ve grown up with a strong group of friends that have helped invest in me and keep me accountable. In adulthood, I’ve added to that network through Mastermind groups and dedicated work to develop meaningful relationships. I share some of the ways I’ve done that and the ways they’ve mattered to me. Plus, we’ll discuss how to keep your marriage strong during a campaign.

Personal Finances: If you’re bad with your personal finances, why should I vote for you so that you can screw up with my money too? Living on a budget and being smart financially makes you more fit for office but it also strengthens your family and inculcates discipline into your life that makes you a better, stronger person. After all, financial arguments and problems are more frequent causes of divorce than infidelity!

Hierarchy of Duties: “God, Family, Country.” That’s how most conservatives would frame their hierarchy of duties….but do they mean it? Unless you think through the implications of that hierarchy, you can’t really claim to believe in it….and most people haven’t thought it through. It turns out that what you believe about your hierarchy of duties impacts hundreds of decisions you make every day. We’ll talk about mine and how I’ve seen them lived out in the lives of a number of people in politics, both good and bad.

What You’ll Learn about Raz Shafer’s 3 Tips for Winning at Life and in Politics In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction & Topic Overview

[02:18] Building your Brains Trust and how it shapes your life

[14:18] Your personal finances say a lot about your fitness to serve in political office.

[20:54] Do you really have a hierarchy of duties and understand what that means?

[35:46] Conclusion and final thoughts

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