5 Life Lessons I Learn From Daily - Raz Shafer

5 Life Lessons I Learn From Daily – Raz Shafer

5 Life Lessons I Learn From Daily - Raz Shafer

Our lives are filled with constant learning but some life lessons bear a unique significance. In this speech, I lay out the 5 which have had the greatest impact on my story and share chapters from my own history to illustrate their value.

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I apologize for the several week break, y’all! Travel, family needs, and my own illness are my flimsy excuses but either way, we’re back and have some great stuff lined up.

This week, I’m sharing a High School Graduation speech I gave a few weeks ago. The Home School group I graduated from 13 years ago, asked me to be their first official commencement speaker and I shared 5 lessons that have been integral to my life.

While the lessons aren’t explicitly political, I think they have both broad life application and a specific value to campaigns.

At the very least, you’ll get some good reminders about important life lessons you’ve probably learned AND hear some new stories about myself that haven’t yet been shared on the podcast.

Later this week, I’ll release another episode (part deux of my apology for missing so much time) with Brendan Steinhauser (a previous guest) who was the general consultant for Dan Crenshaw. We had Dan on the podcast a few weeks ago to talk about his campaign for Congress and this last week he won the runoff election. Now he moves on to a likely win in November!

What You’ll Learn about Raz’ Life Lessons In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[03:12] FAITH 2018 Commencement Speech

[04:38] Be Your Own Best Teacher

[07:08] Work like your Grandad is watching

[10:16] Pray for No Bad Choices

[13:39] Seek the Center of God’s Will

[16:04] Shine your Light in Dark Places

[17:22] Speech Conclusion

[18:24] Wrapping up the Podcast

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