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6 Must-Use Apps Video Guide

There's an App for that!

I can't count the number of apps on my phone but I definitely know the ones I use every day! Those are the ones that really matter. In this video guide, we share 6 must-use apps that every campaign needs to use. We tell you what they do, how we use them, why they're important AND where you can find them. 

Watch the video and check out the links below to check out each of these 6 Must-Use Apps in detail!​


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Find out more about these 6 Must-Use Apps

Read below to find links to each of the tools I recommended and more information on why they are must-use apps for your campaign. Check them out and let us know what apps we should include in our next run-down!​

Keep scrolling to the end, because we've got some other great free resources at the end of the post!​

Google Drive

Google Drive

Whether you use Gmail.com as your email platform or not, you can sign up for free access to Google Drive. From spreadsheets to documents, workflows to presentations, Google Drive allows you to securely create, house and distribute information throughout your team. Do it all seamlessly and without using a single attachment. No more sifting through dozens of emails or multiple versions of a document to find the most current one.

We use it every day and you should to. It will make your life MUCH easier!​ It's a no brainer for a must-use app!

Campaign Sidekick

Campaign Sidekick

If you're running for office, you gotta talk to voters! Campaign Sidekick is the best in class voter contact platform on the market that we promote. Plus, it's priced to be affordable for your campaign, no matter how big or small.

Sidekick allows you to quickly target your voters, efficiently deploy your team, precisely track what they're doing and easily turn the data you gather into an effective tool for turning out votes. There's nothing better on the market and you should definitely check them out. It'll save you time, energy and money!​



Everybody wants better looking, eye catching graphics for social media... But nobody wants to take the time to learn to use photoshop, let alone build a sexy image. Canva helps solve that. It's a free platform that is built in the cloud and allows you to easily create images of all sizes. Build them from scratch or just tweak the thousands of free templates they have available.

It lets you make better looking images to share, whether on Facebook, Twitter, your website or in your emails. We use it for everything we share on our website and social media. No rocket science or graphic design degree required. It's all drag/drop. It's easy and works like your brain thinks!​



​Scheduling appointments, calls and web conferences is a pain in the butt. Have you ever had a email chain drag on for days with people trying to find a time that works on everybody's schedule? I sure have...but not since I started using Calendly! 

With Calendly, you have the ability to easily customize the types of events, lengths of time, when you do/don't want certain types of events booked, etc. You can even personalize the confirmation and follow up emails once someone books an appointment. Just let them click a link on your website or in an email and they can view times you've made available on your calendar. Then they can click to book a time/place to meet. It's just that easy.

We use Calendly to book most of our meetings, the vast majority of our calls and every single podcast interview we do. It simplifies your life and makes it easier for people to find easy times to connect with you!​

Last Pass

Last Pass

​Cyber-Security has become a concern that nobody can afford to ignore. Whether you're Google or Hillary Clinton or Joe Six-Pack running for City Council, keeping your data and information secure is critical... But you've still got to find a way to easily share access to information and accounts with your team and vendors working on your behalf? Enter, LastPass!

Using LastPass, you're able to securely store your login information to every account you have (no more lost logins or forgetting that tricky password you were so proud of coming up with...) and safely share access to your team. They never see your actual password and you can revoke access at any point with a couple quick clicks.

Among the many cool features that it provides, LastPass will let you know if you're using the same password for too many sites and help you create super-duper-secure logins (and store them securely so you never have to write them down or even remember them). It's a must if you care about keeping your information intact, secure and accessible!​



​In the heat of a campaign, it's far too easy to forget about protecting one of your most important assets: your health. I know I've struggled with the Campaign 20 (25% worse than the Freshman 15...) as well as working myself into sleep deprivation and sickness when I'm in a hot race. Using Fitbit, I can track my important health stats and make sure my body is getting what it needs.

From tracking the length and quality of your sleep to counting your steps and calories, Fitbit puts data to work for you and encourages you to build good habits that will keep you strong on and off the campaign trail. I've been using the app and wrist-tracker for over a year now and it's been awesome!​

What else do I need?

Deploying these must-use apps in your campaign will be a huge help to your campaign, but we want to give you way more than just a list of apps. Every day we're working to create and identify the best resources available to help build better campaigns and help you BE a stronger candidate. Our Podcast, this blog and the free downloads on this site are just a few of the ways we can help you.

You can ask me to speak at an event, take one of our comprehensive online courses or even schedule a free coaching call (scheduled using Calendly by the way)!

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