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Who We Are & What We Believe

Our team is composed of campaign coaches and political operatives with decades of experience. Leveraging our knowledge and relationships with some of the best operators in the industry, My Campaign Coach will raise the bar for conservative candidate and campaign development - equipping future candidates not only to win their elections, but to lead through service and integrity.

We are Comprehensively Conservative, We Ride for the Brand and Believe that, "He who dares, wins."

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    Being Comprehensively Conservative means we believe in advancing the causes of Life, Individual and Religious Liberty, Fiscal Responsibility and Limited Government.
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    Riding for the Brand is a phrase drawn from our Texas' heritage and means that Loyalty, Honor and Fidelity define us and the people we work with.
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    Winston Churchill is among our greatest heroes and his statement, "He who dares, wins," exemplifies our belief that victory requires determination, preparation, execution and accountability. No success worth achieving was ever won by accident.
  • Riding for the Brand is a phrase that is drawn from our Texas heritage and means that Loyalty, Honor and Fidelity define us and the people we work with.
  • Winston Churchill is among my greatest heroes and his statement, 'He who dares, wins' exemplifies our belief that victory requires determination, preparation, execution and accountability. No success worth achieving was ever won by accident.
  • Our Team

    Raz Shafer

    Raz Shafer is a veteran political operative with nearly a decade of experience in political coaching and voter contact operations. He married his Bride, Jennie Marie, in 2014 and they live in Fort Worth, Texas. 

    Raised near Stephenville, TX, Raz started volunteering on campaigns when he was 10 and was immediately hooked on politics. Following years of volunteer work and graduation from Hillsdale College, he began working full-time in politics.

    Over the last 7 years, Raz has trained thousands of activists and candidates how to win campaigns, worked for a range of non-profit political organizations and served on the official staff for United States Senator Ted Cruz.

    Raz left Senator Cruz's office in 2014 to launch his own political consulting firm, with a focus on grassroots organization, deployment and campaign coaching. During the 2016 Presidential Primary, Raz ran multiple statewide ground operations for Pro-Cruz SuperPAC's.

    Andrew Kerr

    Andrew Kerr is an experienced manager and team leader having extensive experience in the public policy/political realm - ranging from grassroots organization, advocacy, candidate identification, and training to organizational, operational, and communications strategy.

    After obtaining a masters in business administration from the University of Oxford, Andrew founded a private strategy consultancy focusing on devising innovative solutions accentuating organizational and operational effectiveness on behalf of high-impact, purpose driven organizations.

    Prior to attending Oxford, Andrew served as the Executive Director for an Austin based nonprofit organization where he led a cross-functional team advocating for greater citizen empowerment and accountability in politics.

    Andrew graduated cum laude from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX and began his career at the White House where he worked for the President's National Security Advisor.


    Achieve Your Goals

    When I met Raz and Andrew, I was new to grassroots politics; but their coaching of the political process gave me the building blocks necessary to ultimately run for office. I won a state Senate seat, but whether you're running for City Council or Congress, their coaching will give you the confidence and ability needed to achieve your goal of elected office!

    Konni Burton State Senator - TX10

    Become a Better Candidate

    Running for public office is a challenging undertaking but the right coaching can take the guess-work out of winning. These guys were involved with my campaigns from Day 1 and have pushed me to be a better candidate and Representative. They will do the same for you!

    Matt Krause State Representative - TX93

    Win the Tough Fights

    I met Raz when I was first considering a run for the State House. His coaching, accountability and the relationships he helped me build were a huge factor in my successful campaign. Running for office is a daunting task but partnering with a coach that empowers you to build your campaign and holds you accountable to your goals, you find the clarity and drive to win in a tough fight.

    Jonathan Stickland State Representative - TX92

    Conservatives Need Coaching

    Having come up through the ranks of conservative activists together, I hope Raz Shafer and My Campaign Coach can provide conservatives around the country what has been lacking — a coach to teach them how to run for office and a friend who helps hold them accountable to their values once in office. It is clear conservatives need friends like that.

    Erick Erickson Editor in Chief, The Resurgent

    Start Working Smart

    My Campaign Coach has significantly affected what we're doing. It's helped us plan better and allowed us to ask questions in real time to folks who have been doing this much longer than I have.

    It's been extremely helpful for us in formulating our responses to reporters, to getting better content on our website and getting our ground-game working smart, rather than just hard. We're working smart and hard now!

    Dr. Brian Byrd Medical Doctor
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