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Using Facebook to Supercharge Your Campaign – Jenn Gray

Podcast Interview with Jenn Gray

We know Facebook can be a powerful tool for campaigns. But using it EFFECTIVELY is tricky. Jenn Gray knows the answers!

Each week I get to interview candidates, elected officials and campaign rockstars, discussing everything from Facebook to Block-Walking. But this week is special to me because not only is our guest an incredibly effective campaign operative, but she’s also a long-lost friend from college.

What Decides Who Sees My Facebook Posts? Avoid Errors and Understand the Algorithm

What Decides Who Sees My Facebook Posts? Avoid Errors and Understand the Algorithm

Liberal Activists Tried to Troll a GOP Senate Candidate…But They Actually Gave Him a Huge Facebook Boost!

Everybody wants to know more about how to get their website to show up higher on Google and more eye-balls on their Facebook posts. Most of us don’t have the time or attention span to become experts. This week, I spotted a really helpful post that pulls back the curtain on the Facebook algorithm that prioritizes the content you create (and why you see what shows up on your feed). Plus, the story was catalyzed by liberal protestors using a counterproductive strategy!

Social Media and Electing Ted Cruz with Josh Perry

Josh Perry Interview

Electing Ted Cruz to the Senate was a monumental challenge, and Josh drove the digital campaign that made it happen!

Today we’re talking to the man behind Ted Cruz’s social media success: Mr. Josh Perry.

Josh is an alumni of the University of Texas at Austin and has been working full time in Conservative Politics since graduation. Prior to that, Josh was heavily involved with Young Conservatives of Texas, and using his free time to promote conservative causes.

In January of 2011, Now Senator Cruz hired Josh when he was a long-shot up-start candidate with single digit name ID and only a few more digits in the campaign bank account.

Digital Campaign Tips, Tricks & Wizardry with Ryan Mauldin

Ryan Mauldin Podcast - Digital Campaign Tips

Managing Campaigns, Building a Digital Campaign and Humanizing Candidates

Today we’re talking to Ryan Mauldin about campaign management, constructing an effective digital campaign and how to build connections between candidates and voters.

Ryan is the President and Founder of Vici Media where he and his team have done award and campaign-winning digital campaign work for campaigns of every level. Prior to launching Vici, Ryan gained considerable experience as a campaign manager and serial entrepreneur.

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