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Handling the Media & Honing Your Message with Brian Sikma

Brian Sikma: Handling the Media and Honing Your Message

Show Notes:

[00:35] – What it takes to get started working in politics

[01:45] – Brian’s background in politics

[04:45] – The value of character and work-ethic in politics

[07:30] – How to land your first job in politics

Succeeding in Public Office & Ethics 101 with Tony McDonald

Succeeding in Public Office & Ethics 101

Show Notes:

[00:30] – Tony McDonald Introduction

[01:37] – Tony’s background in politics

[02:55] – Young Conservatives of Texas

[06:05] – Building a strong team, as a newly elected official

Fundraising Tips & Keys to Campaign Strategy with Drew Ryun

Drew Ryun: Fundraising Tips & Keys to Campaign Strategy

What You’ll Learn from Drew Ryun in this Episode:

[00:27] – Drew Ryun Introduction

[01:52] – How did your family get involved in politics?

[04:00] – Give us an overview of your political career

[06:25] – What do candidates need to have squared away before they decide to run?

[09:57] – How to kick-start your campaign fundraising


[13:22] – How major donor fundraising works

[15:04] – Key indicators major donors look for when analyzing campaigns

[16:24] – How to prepare your pitch for major donors

[19:33] – What PAC’s look for when considering endorsements

[22:19] – Advice for newly elected officials – Keeping promises, hiring staff and leaving a legacy

[27:05] – Favorite funny political experience

[29:03] – Proudest political achievements



How to Run For Office Podcast Introduction

Raz Shafer - How to Run For Office Podcast Introduction

How to Run For Office Podcast Introduction

Welcome to the How to Run For Office Podcast’s Introduction Episode!

I’ve been involved in politics for 20 years and have had the opportunity to train thousands of activists and hundreds of candidates in how to increase their political impact, as well as wearing about every other political hat you can imagine. From knocking on doors to working in the United States Senate to doing policy research and running national PAC and SuperPAC efforts. I’ve learned a lot from so many great teachers and that’s knowledge I want to share with you.


While I’ve been blessed to have some incredible experiences during my time in politics, I realized about a year ago that there is nothing I’ve enjoyed as much as helping prepare conservative candidates and their staff to win campaigns. Leveraging the lessons I’ve learned over those 20 years to help them push the movement forward.

We’re launching this podcast, as part of the My Campaign Coach training brand, focused on equipping candidates and staff to run more efficient, effective elections. This isn’t another current events or commentary podcast. We are here for one reason: to help you win.

Whether you’re listening to this podcast, reading our blog or taking one of our coaching courses, we want the content we create to contribute directly to your campaign’s success potential.

This show exists because I believe that learning from successful candidates, staff and operatives is pivotal to achieving long-term wins in the world of politics and policy. The basics are the same as any other field you want to excel in: learn to be winner by training with those who have.

Each guest, and the questions we ask them, are selected with the goal of giving you access to some of the industry’s most effective operators, many of whom you may have never even heard of. From big national names to local consultants and candidates who are impacting politics closer to home, we want every conversation to encourage and educate you in how to run better campaigns and grow your political legacy. I want you to come away, every week, with new information and concrete action steps that will help you win your campaign.

There are a plethora of great podcasts that give insightful commentary or cover current events – but that’s not what we’re about. Our focus is to provide individuals, who are motivated and inspired, with the critical knowledge and action steps to become a successful candidate or operative.

Next week, in the first full interview, we’ll be talking to my mentor and former boss, Drew Ryun. He’s done it all and will give you some great advice about common campaign mistakes, how to prepare your core message strategy and how to overcome common hurdles with fundraising.

By way of a confession, we did have some audio quality problems on the first two episodes but got the kinks worked out by number three. I hope you’ll check them out though, because they are full of great tips and insights that I think you’ll find very helpful!

Check out the show-notes for links to more resources as well as information about how you can interact with us online. We’ll talk to y’all again very soon!

Show Notes:

[01:15] – Why We’re Here

[01:56] – What you’ll hear

[02:39] – Drew Ryun interview preview

[02:52] – Confession


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