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Using Facebook to Supercharge Your Campaign – Jenn Gray

Podcast Interview with Jenn Gray

We know Facebook can be a powerful tool for campaigns. But using it EFFECTIVELY is tricky. Jenn Gray knows the answers!

Each week I get to interview candidates, elected officials and campaign rockstars, discussing everything from Facebook to Block-Walking. But this week is special to me because not only is our guest an incredibly effective campaign operative, but she’s also a long-lost friend from college.

6 Must-Use Apps Video Guide

6 Must-Use Apps Video Guide

There's an App for that!

I can't count the number of apps on my phone but I definitely know the ones I use every day! Those are the ones that really matter. In this video guide, we share 6 must-use apps that every campaign needs to use. We tell you what they do, how we use them, why they're important AND where you can find them. 

Watch the video and check out the links below to check out each of these 6 Must-Use Apps in detail!​

Secrets to Branding Your Campaign with Ted Cruz’s Brand Strategist – Bonnie Siegel

Podcast Interview with Bonnie Siegel

Branding played a definitive role in both the 2016 Republican Primary and the General election and it’s changed the way we view campaigns.

I’m excited to have Bonnie Siegel joining us this week to discuss campaign and candidate branding. She first crossed my radar screen due to her incredible work on the Ted Cruz for President campaign and I’ve become increasingly fascinated with her work.

Why Running for Local Office Matters with Ross Kecseg

Ross Kecseg Interview - Why Running for Local Office Matters

Running for Local Office is often underrated. Ross Kecseg joins us this week to talk about why it’s critically important!

Ross Kecseg leads the Metroplex Bureau for Empower Texans and Texas Scorecard. He is a native North Texan, raised in Denton County.

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