Behind the Scenes with Ted Cruz’s Right Hand Man - Bruce Redden

Behind the Scenes with Ted Cruz’s Right Hand Man – Bruce Redden

Behind the Scenes with Ted Cruz’s Right Hand Man

Bruce Redden has spent the last 5 years serving as Ted Cruz’s right-hand man. In his first interview, he’s here to share some of the secrets that have made him effective and war stories from the campaign trail!

In politics, some of the most important people are the ones who you rarely hear speak. Our guest this week has been working in the United States Senate for about 10 years and been Senator Ted Cruz’s right-hand man but this is the first interview he’s ever done.

Before we get started with the interview, I wanted to remind y’all that the My Campaign Coach Minute podcast is live on iTunes and Amazon’s Alexa. We’re in our second week and we’re getting some great feedback. Each episode is 1-2 minutes long and I share insights about concrete campaign tips that every candidate or campaign operative needs to know!

Bruce Redden is a native of northwest Oklahoma and became fascinated with politics relatively early in life. Immediately after graduating from Oklahoma State University (where he’s well-loved for kicking the game-winning field goal over Alabama in the 2006 Independence Bowl), Bruce began working in Washington DC.

I first got to work with Bruce when we both joined Senator Cruz’s office in January of 2013. His experience as a Regional Director in Senator Hutchison’s office made him an incredibly valuable resource to me as I learned the job and it quickly became clear that he was a master at it.

Over the last 5 years that he worked for Senator Cruz, Bruce became an invaluable part of the team and Ted’s right-hand-man. If you saw Cruz on the presidential campaign trail, Bruce was either next to him or just out of the camera shot. From donor events to strategy sessions to helping choreograph the day to day of the campaign action, Bruce was right there.

Today’s podcast is going to give you a great window into what it’s like to be a body-man and Regional Director. We’ll talk in detail about our time with Senator Cruz and how Bruce developed such a close bond with him.

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What You’ll Learn about Bruce Redden In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction and Bruce Redden Bio

[02:10] Bruce’s background and how he got started in politics

[05:15] What is a Regional Director in a US Senate office?

[09:34] Dealing with Crisis situations in a US Senate office

[17:30] Planning and running fantastic political events

[25:38] How did your role with Senator Cruz evolve over time?

[37:11] Running for President with Ted Cruz

[44:20] Bruce’s favorite war stories from the campaign trail

[49:18] Conclusion and Outro

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