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General Consulting and Helping Conservatives Win with Luke Macias

Luke Macias Interview - General Consulting and Helping Conservatives Win

How to excel as a General Consultant and help Conservatives Win!

This week’s guest is my good friend Luke Macias, owner of the Texas-based Macias Strategies.

Macias Strategies is driven by the desire to achieve conservative policy outcomes at the state and local level. They believe that the policy outcomes of state and local governments are often opposite to the social and fiscally conservative values that are held by the voters. Limited government will only be obtained through visionary, principled leadership. Those are the characteristics they look for when deciding what candidates and organizations to engage with.

Service Dog and Veteran Advocate with Cole & Kaya Lyle

Cole and Kaya Lyle Interview

How did a Marine Corps Veteran and his Service Dog become the most powerful Lobbying team in DC?

Today we’re doing a special episode with a two good friends of mine, Cole and Kaya Lyle. Both are a bit on the hairy side but Kaya is clearly the more lovable of the two.

At this point it’s probably important for me to note that Kaya is Cole’s German Shepherd service dog and through the work that she’s done with Cole, members of congress are already calling her the most Powerful Lobbyist on the Hill.

Cole grew up here in Texas and served in the Marine Corps for 6 years after he graduated High School. Since getting out, he’s completed an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and spent most of his free time lobbying to pass the PAWs act to help his fellow Veterans.

How to Get Elected at 25 with Rep. Daniel Zolnikov

Daniel Zolnikov Interview

Daniel Zolnikov was elected at 25 to the State House and just entered his 3rd Term at 29.

Today we’re talking to Montana State Representative, Daniel Zolnikov. He’s just started his third term in the Big Sky State’s legislature and is only 29 years old!

Daniel is a liberty-minded Republican representing Billings House District 45, where he focuses much of his energy on promoting gun rights, civil liberties, limited government and economic freedom.

He’s been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the 30 under 30 policymakers in the nation and Red Alert Politics touted him as one of the country’s Top 30 conservatives under 30. Daniel’s name has also been raised as a potential replacement for Congressman Zinke who President-Elect Trump has tapped to lead the Department of the Interior.

From TEA Party Mom to State Senator with Konni Burton

Konni Burton - Tea Party Mom to State Senator

How Konni Burton got active, helped elect Ted Cruz and became an rockstar State Senator

This week, we’re talking with my State Senator and long-time friend, Konni Burton!

Konni will tell you that the most important parts of her bio are that she is foremost a wife, mom and life-long Christian. Next to those is the fact that she’s a native Texan!

She and her husband Phil have two incredible daughters, Tori and Faith.

We’ll cover her political background in depth during our talk so I won’t give away too much now but Konni’s journey from grassroots activist to State Senator is a case study in how we need more citizen leaders to grow.

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