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Farm Team Conservatism

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This has been a bad year for conservatives at the ballot box. Washington Republicans and their allies, enabled by chaos in the Presidential race, began targeting down-ballot conservatives for defeat. They were highly successful and even took out an incumbent Republican from Kansas, Tim Huelskamp, who had opposed John Boehner.

9 Ways Volunteers Can Help You Win

9 Ways to Help Conservatives Today

Volunteers are the life-blood of any campaign. Whatever the campaign level, regardless of the cash on hand, volunteer engagement is the single greatest indicator of the health of a campaign. But, that doesn't mean that recruiting, training and managing them is easy. In fact, it's one of the most difficult jobs within a campaign.

​If you want to find ways to help conservatives win, this post is for you. You can download our free infographic and we'll dig a in deep to explain why each of these 9 tips have such a huge impact!

Voter Identification in a General Election

Smart campaigns start directing their ground operations to voter identification for the general election immediately after the primary is over. Their goal is to re-gear the campaign infrastructure in preparation for a new, and largely un-touched, universe of voters.

This re-tooling requires answering several strategic questions, such as:

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