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A good message without proper repetition is wasted air.


Here’s today’s tip: A good message without proper repetition is wasted air.

A good message without proper repetition is wasted air. A good message without proper repetition is wasted air.

Got the message? Ok, so that was a bit literal but I think you’re hearing me. There are two parts to today’s tip.

Throughout a campaign, you’re going to be touching a lot of voters and trying to get your message, record and platform in front of them.

But once isn’t enough, right? We’re knocking on doors, making phone calls, sending mail, hitting social media and more. One hit isn’t enough.

We’re Launching a New Podcast: The My Campaign Coach Minute!

Raz Shafer - My Campaign Coach Minute Launch Pic

After more than a year of publishing the How to Run for Office Podcast, we’re launching a new podcast channel!

For the last 60 episodes, our listeners have been expanding their knowledge of campaigns by tuning in to our weekly interview podcast. With over 30,000 downloads, our listeners have been overwhelmingly supportive of what we’re doing!

Interviews are great, and we’re going to keep doing them, but we had a number of requests for a shorter podcast that regularly shared important campaign tips. Something that you could listen to while you’re coffee is being made in the morning or while you’re getting dressed.

That was the thought that developed into the My Campaign Coach Minute. In 60-90 seconds, we’ll kick off each weekday with an important campaign tip that will point you in the right direction!

Please subscribe on iTunes, give us a rating and consider supporting our work with a small monthly donation. Even just $1 is a big help!

You’ll Learn About Things Like:

  • Why you should never attack your opponent before you’ve defined yourself.
  • Why personal attacks nearly always backfire.
  • Why Donald Trump is the only candidate who should wear a hat!
  • And much more!
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