What is a Campaign Survey & Why does it Matter? - Lee Vasche

(Corrected Audio) What is a Campaign Survey & Why does it Matter? – Lee Vasche

Podcast Interview with Lee Vasche

Crafting a strong campaign survey is critical to any campaign, however you’re trying to touch voters. Lee Vasche opens up his voluminous bank of experience today to help your campaign!

This week we’re talking with Lee Vasche, founder of Triton Polling and Research. They’re a full-service survey, polling and market research firm with offices across the western United States. From non-profits to Fortune 500 companies to statewide political campaigns, Triton has done at least a bit of everything.

Lee has an eclectic mix of talents ranging from statistical analysis and advanced telecom systems to political organizing and database administration. Outside of the office, Lee spends his time traveling with his bride Courtney, skiing, scuba diving and enjoying the outdoors.

We’re going to cover a lot of ground in the interview today but the main areas we’re going to focus are ballot access and grassroots organizing. If you’re going to win, you gotta get on the ballot and a lot of candidates get that access through gathering petition signatures. Doing it the wrong way leads to headaches but Lee knows how to do it well.

On the grassroots side, we’re going to crack open Lee’s knowledge bank and get some of his top tips for organizing your ground efforts, maximizing efficiency and hitting your goals.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Lee Vasche on Facebook, LinkedIn, or check his profile at the Triton Polling and Research website.

Important Topics and Time Stamps from the Podcast:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[01:51] How Lee Vasche got involved in political campaigns

[07:05] What is a “Survey” and how should you use polling in your campaign?

[20:12] How to get on the ballot: Keys to ballot access

[33:40] Where can candidates find out the rules about ballot access?

[35:33] What are the keys for campaigns to build a strong grassroots operation?

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