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I’m excited to announce the official launch of the My Campaign Coach Advanced Candidate Course – what we believe is the best candidate training on the market.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve had the opportunity to train thousands of activists and candidates across this country. I’ve loved every minute of it – everything. But I’ve always wanted to find more efficient, cheaper ways (both for you and for me!) to help good people get elected and do great things.

That desire is what launched My Campaign Coach and why we built the Advanced Candidate Course!

First 25 to enroll receive 50% off! (coupon code: FIRST25)

We’ve taken the live Advanced Candidate Course, which received great reviews last Fall and turned it into a course that you can take on your own time. It’s self-paced and you get lifetime access to it!
The first module is live now and we’re releasing the other 11 units each week, starting August 14. We’ve spent the last 8 months improving the course, incorporating feedback from candidates, clients and consultants. All to make this the best candidate training course you can find online.
Here’s what you’ll get:
  • Lifetime access to the Advanced Candidate Course. As long as we’re around, you’ll be able to log in and access our videos, downloads and tools that we’ve created.
  • Bi-Monthly Q/A. Twice a month, our team is going to host a live Q/A session where anybody who’s ever bought the course can logon and get feedback, listen to answers, etc. This alone is worth well more than the cost of admission!
  • More than 15 Hours of video instruction from our trainers, plus the possibility of cameos from some of our rockstar podcast guests!
  • Lots of downloadable tools, documents, guides and templates. Everything from spreadsheets to help you formulate your campaign budget to study guides and template emails for you to customize.

We believe this is the best training available and we’re going to be constantly building new courses, as well as improving the existing ones. We’re tired of seeing good people, principled conservatives, lose at the ballot box because they weren’t prepared for a hard campaign. If you take this course, you’re going to be prepared in a way that puts your level of preparation head and shoulders above your competition!

PS: Don’t worry – if you miss out on being one of the first 25 to enroll in the Advanced Candidate Course, there’s still the opportunity for 25% off till the end of August (coupon code: LAUNCH)

Raz Shafer

Christian, Student, Entrepreneur, Politico. Sigma Chi, Singer/Song-writer, Cigar/Fly-fishing/Gun Aficionado

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