You can’t win a campaign by working banker’s hours

You can’t win a campaign by working banker’s hours


Here’s today’s tip: You can’t win a campaign by working banker’s hours.

Taking on a campaign, depending on the scope, is basically like signing up for another part or full-time job. Just like taking a new job, there’s a lot to learn and an adjustment period where you have to re-learn the art of balancing your schedule and figure out how to juggle your competing responsibilities.

The more forethought you put into this process before your campaign launches, the better off you are going to be. I recommend that you start with an audit of your current schedule and obligations. You’ve got the same 24 hours in a day when the campaign is at full speed as you do before it starts. That means you’re have got to reallocate your time. By knowing how you’re using it now, you’ll have a great starting point for beginning the transition.

After you’ve taken inventory of how you CURRENTLY spend your week, decide where you can cut and how you can reorganize. Have candid conversations with your spouse, boss and other important people in your life during this process. Their feedback will help make sure you don’t sacrifice the important things, while simultaneously creating buy-in from them into the campaign.

Make no mistake, campaigns are tough and you’re going to be working a lot. Responsibilities to work and your family, as well as the necessities of eating, sleeping etc don’t just evaporate.

If you’re running for office, I doubt you’re the banker’s hours type anyhow. You’re somebody who is driven and wants to make a difference. Take one day at a time and remind yourself each day WHY you’re doing this. That’s a winning recipe for hanging tough on the campaign trail.

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