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Cathy Scott Rockstar Campaign Manager

Cathy Scott’s Transition from Conservative Activist to Rockstar Campaign Manager was Rapid but Not Without Hard Work…

This week our guest is Cathy Scott. She describes herself on Twitter as a Conservative Aggie fighting for a Stronger Texas and a Joyful follower of Christ.

Frequent listeners should remember hearing Cathy mentioned in the interviews with Senator Konni Burton and Luke Macias. She worked for both of them as the Campaign Manager for Konni’s 2014 State Senate Campaign and did an absolutely incredible job through a tough year and a half on the campaign trail.

While Cathy had extensive volunteer experience on campaigns, she only held one other political job before her post as manager for Konni’s race. What she may have lacked in experience though, she made up for through her tenacity, curiosity and work ethic.

I’m hoping that y’all will listen carefully to our conversation today because I believe Cathy provides an excellent example of someone future campaign staff should strive to emulate and the kind of manager future candidates should look to hire.

While she’s not working in politics right now, it’s impossible for her to totally give it up. Cathy’s full-time dedication right now is raising her 14 month old son Truman and preparing for baby number 2 to arrive in early august. She’s been married for 3 years to her husband Cody and lives in Houston, Texas.

Links from the Podcast:

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Important Time Stamps and Descriptions:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[01:34] Cathy Scott Background and Political Advent

[04:54] Lessons Learned on Cathy’s First Political Campaign

[11:20] How did you get hooked up with the Konni Burton for Texas Senate Race?

[15:44] Interviewing and joining the Burton Campaign

[19:16] Setting the Burton Campaign up for Victory: Building the right Systems

[33:06] What happened once other primary election candidates jumped in the race?

[41:08] How did you handle the challenge of managing a field staff of over 20 people and vendors as someone who had never even had a single employee before?

[49:09] What did you look for in campaign staff and how did you deal with letting ineffective staffers go?

[57:28] Podcast Conclusion and Outro

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