Communication for Maximum Impact - Jacque Isaacs

Communication for Maximum Impact – Jacque Isaacs

Communication for Maximum Impact - Jacque Isaacs

Jacque Isaacs has focused her professional life on maximizing the power of conservative communication. This week she joins us on the podcast to share how you can maximize your impact!

Jacqueline Isaacs is the Director of Strategy for Bellwether Communications, where she works to craft measurable, well-researched content strategies for clients to achieve their goals. She also serves as the firm’s managing partner in Nashville, TN.

She holds an MBA in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University and a BS in Government from Oral Roberts University.  She has wide-ranging experience in media relations for national brands and content marketing for thought leaders.

She is the co-author of the 2017 book, Called to Freedom: Why You Can Be Christian and Libertarian, which will be available as an audiobook soon. She has written regular columns for several academic blogs, and her op-eds have been published in Fox News OnlineInvestor’s Business Daily, Townhall, the Austin-American Statesman, among other places.

What You’ll Learn about Jacque and Maximizing the Power of Communication In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[07:05] What is Bellwether Communications and what do you do there?

[14:27] How do you help redefine success for your clients?

[21:51] What hooked you on politics?

[25:53] How did Communications become what you wanted to do?

[30:43] What does a win-win situation look like when you look at a campaign/media relationship?

[44:47] How can developing a long-term relationship with the media be helpful?

[49:43] How can y’all help campaigns and organizations at Bellwether Communications?

[54:07] Where you can find Jacqueline Isaacs online

[54:29] Conclusion and Outro

Links from the Podcast:

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