Creating a Cutting Edge Digital Campaign- Ryan Gravatt

Creating a Cutting Edge Digital Campaign- Ryan Gravatt

Creating a Cutting Edge Digital Campaign- Ryan Gravatt

Everybody knows that you can’t win office without a web presence. What’s less common is actually knowing how to create a GOOD one! Ryan Gravatt, CEO of Raconteur Media joins us today to tell us how he uses proven business strategies to win votes and gives us the inside scoop on how to grade your digital campaign.

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Our guest this week is Ryan Gravatt, the CEO of Raconteur Media Company. Over the last 16 years, Ryan has helped more than 200 candidates win elections through his innovative digital marketing strategies.

Recognized as a pioneering digital marketing expert for political campaigns, Ryan walks his clients through a strategic process, from website creation and email messaging campaigns to voter and donor outreach all the way to their election day victory.

One of the things that really stood out for me in the interview was how Ryan’s champions proven business strategies in campaigns. I’m a big fan of approaching marketing to voters as acquiring customers in the business world. Ryan does a great job breaking down how he creates sales funnels and uses digital marketing to drive those conversions.

Ryan lives in Austin, Texas with is bride Suzannah, and their two children, Henry and Annie.

Make sure you check out the links in the show notes to get access to some of the great free resources he mentions during the interview!

What You’ll Learn about Ryan Gravatt and Digital Campaign In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[03:12] How Ryan Gravatt got into politics and digital strategy

[10:10] The Past, Present and Future of Digital Campaign Strategy

[14:36] How to approach social media strategy

[18:59] The RIGHT approach to targeting voters on social media

[23:40] How to start building an email list

[26:55] Sales Funnels and Digital Campaigning

[30:45] Checklist for “Present” Campaigns

[38:34] How to we become a digital campaign of “the future”?

[42:57] How does influencer marketing work in the future of campaigns?

[46:35] Why we should use business digital strategies in campaigns

[48:37] What can Raconteur Media do for campaigns?

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Ryan Gravatt on Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also visit his website at

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