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Dan Tripp Podcast Interview

Ground Game Wins Elections and Dan Tripp Knows Ground Game

Our guest this week has organized or managed campaigns and ground game projects in 42 states, served on dozens of national, state and local campaigns and worked on 4 Presidential campaigns, plus a presidential super PAC.

Dan Tripp is President of Ground Game Strategies, Inc., a company that designs custom voter contact programs for data-driven political campaigns and issue advocacy projects.

Prior to founding Ground Game Strategies, Dan served as a State Representative in the South Carolina Legislature, representing Greenville County for 12 years. He now lives in Mauldin, SC with his bride Alysia and they’re expecting a baby girl in August!

Dan and I connected while we were both working for the Cruz Presidential Super PAC during 2015 and 16, where Dan ran the South Carolina effort and helped plan and execute major events across the country. We share a strong belief in ground game and I’m excited that he’s willing to share some of his experience as candidate AND consultant with us today.

Links from the Podcast:

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Important Time Stamps and Notes:

[00:00] Free course offer

[00:50] Podcast Intro and Dan Tripp Bio

[03:12] How did you get started in politics?

[14:12] What does Ground Game Strategies LLC do for campaigns + Important ground game tactics

[29:37] What sets Ground Game Strategies LLC apart from other vendors?

[36:54] What were some of the initial steps you took before you ran for office?

[43:56] How do you approach picking staff for campaigns?

[51:52] Closing advice for candidates

[53:22] Where can folks find you online?

[54:00] Podcast closing and outro

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