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Managing Campaigns, Building a Digital Campaign and Humanizing Candidates

Today we’re talking to Ryan Mauldin about campaign management, constructing an effective digital campaign and how to build connections between candidates and voters.

Ryan is the President and Founder of Vici Media where he and his team have done award and campaign-winning digital campaign work for campaigns of every level. Prior to launching Vici, Ryan gained considerable experience as a campaign manager and serial entrepreneur.

It was during our time at Hillsdale College that Ryan and I first crossed paths and quickly bonded over our mutual conservatism and status as Texas ex-pats.

Ryan’s consistent drive for excellence makes him someone that I always love doing work with and the breadth of his experience gives him real insight into the way candidates need to approach their digital campaign. I’m glad he could come on and share some of that knowledge with us today.

Links from the Podcast​

Connect with Vici Media and Ryan on the Web, Facebook, Twitter or by calling (512) ​222 – VICI.

Important Time Stamps and Descriptions

[00:00] Show introduction and Ryan Mauldin bio

[01:20] Ryan’s Political background and how he got involved in the professional side

[03:59] How to sneak up on your opponent: The power of being underestimated

[05:07] Running a grassroots campaign in a rural district

[07:39] How did things evolve after that first race that you won?

[11:40] What does your working relationship with Clients look like and what kind of campaigns do you work for?

[16:05] What attributes do you look for when analyzing a candidate’s digital campaign and how do you help get them on the right track?

[20:43] What are pitfalls of NOT outsourcing some of your campaign’s digital operation?

[22:10] What are metrics that we should NOT pay attention to when gauging our progress

[24:06] What are the first steps first time candidates need to take to build their digital presence right?

[27:46] How to create the feeling of direct action to the candidate and WHY that’s important

[29:00] How do we make candidates look….”human”?

[32:02] Voters need to like you as a candidate. It’s more important than that they agree with you.

[33:54] What excites you most about your work?

[35:40] Where can people find you online?

[36:30] Closing it out – Learn more about Ryan’s advice on digital campaign tips by contacting his team!

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