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How to Build Relationships with Personal Video

How to Build Relationships with Personal Video

Bonjoro Makes Personal Video Easy

I love finding apps that make my life easier! It's even more impressive when I find one that also does things BETTER. This week, I found an app that is going to make it easier for you to thank supporters and make you better at it. Sending personal video clips to people is a great way to say thank you or solidify support. But it can easily become unwieldy or difficult to find time. This app makes that process simple!

We Need More Veterans to Run for Office

We need more military veterans to run for office!

Our cities, states and country need more proven leaders seeking office. We’re hungry for men and women who have a proven will to fight for what they believe in, can lead under pressure and stand by their principles when faced with adversity. Doesn’t that description describe so many of our military veterans?

Lessons Learned from Councilman-Elect Brian Byrd!

Congrats to Dr. Brian Byrd

Dr. Brian Byrd is a My Campaign Coach Alumni and will be Fort Worth’s Newest Councilman!

A lot of people run for public off every year but there are only so many seats at the table. I get to work with some great folks who want to server their communities but Dr. Brian Byrd has impressed me far more than most.

From Coaching with Brian last year to providing significant voter contact resources and software, I got to spend a lot of time with Dr. Byrd and see from up close the passion and dedication he has brought to the table.

Yesterday I shot a short Facebook Live video saying congrats and talking about how Dr. Byrd won the race:

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