Fighting Against the Swamp, from TX to DC - Ron Wright

Fighting Against the Swamp, from TX to DC – Ron Wright

Fighting Against the Swamp, from TX to DC

Motivations for running for office boil down to two: You want to BE somebody or DO something. Ron Wright is running for Congress because he wants to DO something. Today we’re talking about his background in elected office, especially as a fantastic Tax Collector, and why he’s running. He’s got some great advice.

Today we’re talking with Ron Wright, the Tax Assessor-Collector in my home county about his run for Congress and what he’s learned through his previous elections.

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Ron Wright has been the Tax Assessor-Collector for Tarrant County for the last 7 years. Before that he worked as a Chief of Staff and District Director in Congress for several years and even further back, he was elected to the Arlington, TX city council several times.

I’ll forgive your surprise over me being excited to see the guy I pay my taxes to run for Congress but the fact is that Ron’s service has truly been incredible. Well before he decided to take on the swamp in DC, he was working to drain it here in Tarrant County.

Among the things that make Ron’s candidacy unique is that he was drafted into this race. Now, this doesn’t happen very often, and most folks who say they were drafted should put an asterisk next to that statement…but in Ron’s case, it’s 100% true….Who drafts the Tax Man into a race for Congress?

Well, if you want to find out why folks drafted Ron and the lessons he’s learned through his public service, keep listening, cause that’s what we’re going to talk about.

Since he is local, we met up and did the interview in person and had a blast. The only down-side is the AC in the building left the audio with a bit of a low bass rumble so I hope it’s not too annoying.

What You’ll Learn about Ron Wright’s Race to Congress and In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction & Ron Wright Bio

[02:23] How Ron Wright got started in Politics and his Background

[09:05] What did working as a Chief of Staff in DC Teach you that will be helpful if you’re elected to Congress?

[17:29] How did being a Tax Collector prepare you to help Drain the Swamp?

[27:38] What was it like to get Drafted to run for Congress and how did that happen?

[36:53] Getting into the Race and all it entails

[44:21] What did you do to ensure you picked the right Campaign Manager and built a good relationship?

[49:20] What was it like to meet President Trump?

[50:51] Ron Wright’s final advice for Candidates

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