From Activist to Campaign Manager - Raquel Mitchell

From Activist to Campaign Manager – Raquel Mitchell

From Activist to Campaign Manager - Raquel Mitchell

Raquel Mitchell is a Black, female, Republican campaign manager in Chicago, Illinois. She’s the first to admit that her political journey has been far from normal but nonetheless, I think there’s a lot to learn from her path.

Hey Guys, welcome back to the How to Run for Office Podcast! A lot of listeners I’ve talked to are interested in making the move from Activist to working in politics as a paid job. This week’s guest is familiar with that struggle…even though she didn’t start out with that goal in mind.

Whatever your political persuasion, I think there are some good things to learn from listening to how Raquel has approached her political journey.

During the interview, we encourage folks who want to get involved in politics to start knocking doors or cleaning bathrooms…whatever the campaign needs…and working up from there. I think it’s easy to write this off as simple “Dues paying.” But it’s more than that. While I think we covered the subject pretty well, I wanted to direct y’all to a My Campaign Coach Minute episode we recently did that deals with the topic as well.

What You’ll Learn about Raquel Mitchell and Campaigning In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[02:36] Interview Lightning Round

[18:00] How Raquel got involved in Politics

[22:30] How to find that First job in politics

[30:43] What helped you make the transition from activist to consultant?

[48:06] Client Pet Peeves

[52:55] What kind of advice do you wish you could give your former self?

[58:18] Where can people find you online?

[59:20] Conclusion and Outro

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Raquel Mitchell on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Raz Shafer

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