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Gabriella Hoffman Podcast Interview

Gabby Hoffman Introduction:

Today we’re talking with Conservative Media Strategist and Social Media Consultant, Gabriella “Gabby” Hoffman.

She graduated from UC-San Diego in June 2012 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in History.

Gabby may have graduated in 2012 but her political resume goes much farther back and is extensive. Her work has  been mentioned from the Rush Limbaugh Show, Fox News and the Drudge Report to National Review and Politico.

Gabby most recently served as the Director of Media Relations for the Liberty Farm Festival and prior to that, she served as a Regional Coordinator at the Leadership Institute for 4 years.

Gabby and I have been friends f or a number of years and I continue to learn a great deal from her. Her personal story is awesome and she’s got some great messaging and social media advice for us today!

Links from the Podcast:

Find Gabriella Hoffman online: Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, The Resurgent

Social Media Management Tools: Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Sprout

Image Creation/Editing: Canva & Adobe Elements

Social Media Blogs: Hootsuite, Buffer, Hubspot, Digiday, Social Media Examiner , Feedly

Important Time Stamps & Descriptions:

[00:00] Opening

[00:26] Gabby Hoffman Introduction & Welcome

[01:49] How Gabby got started in politics: Student Activism, Radio, Writing & Social Media

[05:53] Gabby’s Business launch and Current Political Involvement

[07:08] The Non-Political side of Gabby’s work: Hunting, Fishing and Guns!

[12:33] How has your parents’ experience fleeing Communism motivated your interest in conservative politics?

[17:54] What kinds of products and services do you offer clients?

[21:10] What are the most important ways to judge a campaign’s health?

[24:59] What major components of a campaign’s media and content strategy need to be in place prior to launch?

[28:17] Leveraging influencers and bloggers to grow your campaign (the Ted Cruz way!)

[30:15] What social media networks should candidates be on and what are their roles?

[33:35] What tools for social media management and creating posts should people use?

[39:22] What excites you the most about where you’re at and where you’re headed?

[41:56] Where can listeners find you online?

[43:58] Wrapping up

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