Handling the Media & Honing Your Message with Brian Sikma - My Campaign Coach
Brian Sikma: Handling the Media and Honing Your Message

Show Notes:

[00:35] – What it takes to get started working in politics

[01:45] – Brian’s background in politics

[04:45] – The value of character and work-ethic in politics

[07:30] – How to land your first job in politics

[10:55] – Understanding WHY you want a political job

[12:34] – Common pitfalls new candidates face with the Media

[14:33] – How to build relationships with the Media

[19:03] – How Ted Cruz handles the media

[21:00] – Answer the question you WANT to answer

[22:00] – How to prepare for Media contact

[26:05] – Building your campaign’s elevator pitch

[28:00] – Staying on-message during a press event

[30:02] – Keep your message short

[32:40] – Common traits of winning campaigns

[36:00] – How to connect with Brian

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