How an Underdog Candidate Becomes an Elected Official - James Spadola

How an Underdog Candidate Becomes an Elected Official – James Spadola

Interview Podcast James Spadola

James Spadola has been travelling across the country, interviewing elected officials of both major parties who were underdog candidates. He’s learning about their stories and how they won their campaigns. Today he’s here to tell us what they’ve taught him!

This week we’re talking to James Spadola, host of the Elected Officials of America Podcast about the fantastic campaign advice he’s learned from interviewing dozens of underdog elected officials and during his own campaign for the Delaware State Senate.

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Now let’s get to the interview.

James Spadola is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a former police officer. He’s been politically involved for quite awhile and he ran for State Senate last election cycle. While he ultimately lost the election in a heavily Democratic district, James learned an incredible amount about what it takes to become an elected official and became even more passionate about helping equip candidates to run.

In September of 2017, James started interviewing elected officials from across the country, travelling across the nation to talk to both Republicans and Democrats about why they ran and how they won.

In addition to listening to this interview with James, I hope you’ll check out his podcast and his “Chicken Soup for the Candidate’s Soul” recap episode he recently published.

What You’ll Learn about getting elected from James Spadola In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction & James Spadola Background

[01:54] Background on the Elected Officials of America Podcast

[14:27] Top game-changing strategies James has learned from his interviews with elected officials

[27:47] How James got involved in the Military, Law Enforcement and then Politics (Plus stories from the war in Iraq)

[36:47] Lessons James picked up during his campaign for State Senate

[45:53] What do you mean by the idea of “losing well” and why is it important?

[55:53] How to find James and his Podcast online!

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with James Spadola on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter. Get to know James more through the Elected Officials of America page in Facebook, or head on over to their FB Group page Elected Officials of America: Underdog Stories.

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