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Dr. Brian Byrd Podcast Interview

It’s hard to beat incumbents. Dr. Brian Byrd got the job done in Fort Worth and is here this week to share how he did it!

Getting to help elect good men and women to office is what keeps me involved in politics and it’s my pleasure to count this week’s guest as a friend and client. Dr. Brian Byrd was elected in May of this year as City Councilman here in Fort Worth, Texas. Brian is a good man and phenomenal candidate and ran as close to a technically perfect campaign as I may have ever seen. In the end, he was the only candidate running in the Fort Worth May election to beat an incumbent.

Brian is a Father, Medical Doctor and a successful businessman. The work ethic he brought to the campaign and true servant’s heart he exemplified on the campaign trail were tell a lot about his character as well as why the voters put their trust in him.

We got to work together as Brian came through the My Campaign Coach Advanced Candidate Course last fall, as a Campaign Sidekick software client and again knocking doors for him during GOTV. It was a memorable race and I’m excited to see him serving on the council.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Councilman Byrd on his website or Facebook!

Important Time Stamps and Notes:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[00:25] Councilman Brian Byrd Bio

[01:36] Brian Byrd’s background and how he got involved in politics

[03:40] What was involved in your process of deciding to run for office?

[08:55] How did the campaign impact your relationship with your wife and what role did she play in the campaign?

[14:27] How did you approach building the campaign plan?

[17:36] What are some of the ways that the My Campaign Coach Advanced Candidate Course helped prepare you for the campaign trail?

[26:14] How did your knowledge of voter concerns, from your thousands of conversations at their doors, influence your race?

[33:00] How did you approach fundraising in your race?

[38:18] What were some of the big hurdles that faced you on the campaign and how did you overcome them?

[47:50] What are some of the most important things for candidates to know as they’re starting their campaigns?

[52:56] Podcast Closing and Outro

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