How to Kill Taxes On a Shoestring Budget with Trey Edwards - My Campaign Coach
Trey Edwards Interview: How to Kill Taxes on a Shoestring Budget

How Trey Quarterbacked Three Campaigns to Kill Taxes…and Stopped $200 Million Worth!

This week we’re joined by Trey Edwards, President of TDS Fundraising and Victory Social Media. He is a campaign and social media specialist from Alabama and has a voluminous work history in Republican campaigns of all sizes.

Trey has managed more than 40 Anti-establishment campaigns over the past 6 years and has an 86% win-rate. In 2015, he managed three local referendum campaigns to kill $200 million in proposed tax increases…and beat them all!

Trey and I first connected during his work for the Keep The Promise Super PAC network, supporting Cruz for President. He was the Alabama director for the PAC and did a fantastic job, hardwiring the state for Ted.

Now, he operates as an independent social media consultant, helping businesses, organizations and political campaigns. He helps leaders across the country reach just the right people with just the right message. All tailored to be as cost effective as possible.

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Important Time Stamps and Descriptions

[00:00] Introduction

[01:17] Trey Edwards Biography

[02:17] How Trey got involved in politics and his campaign history

[05:00] How Trey campaigned to kill taxes…He stopped over $200 MILLION in tax increases!

[44:14]  The importance of PLANNING

[45:59] The two ways you can lose campaigns (Hint: One is better than the other)

[49:13] What made the Tax Killing campaigns special

[51:18] Using Trey’s Tax Killing as a Template

[53:03] Where you can connect with Trey online

[53:48] Outro

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