How to Supercharge Your Voter Contact: Part 1

How to Supercharge Your Voter Contact: Part 1 – Drew Ryun and Kris Shafer

How to Supercharge Your Voter Contact: Part 1

This week we’re airing the first of a two-part interview with Drew Ryun and Kris Shafer. They’re partners in Campaign Sidekick and have nearly 4 decades of political experience between them. Drew hired me to my first full-time political job and Kris is my younger brother. I’ve worked in the trenches with these guys for years and they’ve each got some fantastic advice to share.

In this, and the second half of our interview next week, you’re going to hear some exciting news about the evolution of Campaign Sidekick, learn proven strategies and tactics for voter contact you can deploy in the last few weeks of this election and find out how these guys got involved in politics. Their stories are unique but very similar in theme to many of the folks we’ve talked to on the podcast: they involve a lot of hard work.

This was a really fun interview for me to do with the guys and I think y’all will really enjoy it!

What You’ll Learn about Campaign Sidekick In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[03:40] What is Campaign Sidekick and what’s the big news?

[06:28] What are the biggest ways the new Campaign Sidekick is helping campaigns overcome?

[10:06] How Kris Shafer got hooked on politics

[15:16] “How do I get hired in politics?”

[20:44] Where to start: Pitch in wherever you can!

[26:49] What are the top things canvassers need to know before they knock a door?

[36:52] Conclusion and Outro

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